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  1. dillrepair

    come up north

    thats where i live. boats... like the fitz
  2. dillrepair

    just gonna leave this here

    figured people could caption it as they see fit
  3. dillrepair

    i knew a lady... she came from duluth

    she got bit by a dog with a rabid tooth. i'm sorta kinda near duluth. middle of nowhere really. cheesehead. just got a '16 PP with 47k on it. kind of an impulse purchase, though i'd been wanting one of these for a while, but they were hard to find. drove to nebraska after a...
  4. dillrepair

    please advise: engine shuddering, misfiring, advancetrac warning on...

    2016 sho PP with 47k miles. new to me. only had it for a week or so. clean carfax not that it matters. anyway, probably should have left well enough alone for the time being, was driving fine. changed all the fluids. and like a boss decided "hey lets go ahead and get that...