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    Hello everyone I have returned with a 2015

    Hello everyone, after selling my 94 I have not been present much. However I have just acquired a not so SHO, Ford Taurus Interceptor. Though its not as fancy inside, I understand the powertrain is the same as you all here. So hopefully you will all welcome me back my lesser vehicle for...
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    Alignment Exhaust Shops near GR.

    Hey all I been away awhile, but its all good been working on cars. But anyway, I just did a full suspension system on my mustang and need to know if anyone knows any great places to get an alignment done and some exhaust customization done. Perhaps one of you work at one of these places. I...
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    How to find a throttle cable

    Does anyone know where to find a replacement throttle cable for G2 MTX? Nobody seems to have one that they can even special order. There has been some talk about this at times but havent seen a solution yet. Does anyone have one? -Mike
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    More technical alarm question

    Hey all I use to be very knowleagable on all this alarm stuff, but I apparently am eather getting rusty or haveing brain farts. Can someone tell me how I can set up my alarm so I can feed in either a positive or a negitive signal that will cause the alarm to dissarm. Sorta a reverse factory...
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    Idle is good, but it shouldnt be.

    This past saturday I removed my intake, to do plugs and wires. While in there I cleaned the entire intake, MAF, IAB, TB, and anything else I could get my hands on. Most the plugs had a whitish color to them. (Codes also indicated a lean condition). Thought it was o2's, but I get no codes now...
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    Engine miss with backfire

    I am having an engine miss. Its only at the lower rpm range. Its intermitant and seems to only happen when I load the engine below 2500 rpms. Every once in a while it will also backfire into the intake. I have checked for oil/water around the spark plugs. I have had people tell me and and...
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    Fixing a "bend" in the door panel

    Okay someone please tell me this is easy to fix. How it happened was the origonal car had been smashed in the front and it pushed the front fender up tight to the door panel. The damage happened when the door was then opened. The metal bent until it could snap under the...
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    High Quality Fog Lamps

    I was hoping someone with taste could help me out. I was in a recent accident with a deer and broken my driving lights. The insurance company will buy me new ones but I have to tell them what I want....FAST. I had on my car a set of Catz super white driving lights. Retailed at about 230 when...
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    Knock of Death?

    Upon comming to a stop. I start letting out the clutch as I give it gas to drive away, I can hear a light clunk, with a small shake I can feel in the steering wheel. It sounds like some rear wheel drives that have slop or backlash in the the drive shaft. I have glanced at my subframe bushings...
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    Subframe Connector Question

    This isnt going on my sho but my mustang. Can anyone give me any pointers to installling subframe connectors? How do I square the frame up to put these on? Is it better to let someone with a framerack do it for me? Any other comments or suggestions? Thanks
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    Steering problem

    Does anyone have and suggestions for me. When I come up to a rolling corner. Thats a corner that you dont have to stop for. If i am still braking while I start the turn, I can barley turn the steering wheel, it feels like I have no power steering. All these turns are being perfomred about 15...
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    Pennzoil Syncromesh

    I have heard that Pennzoil makes the GM Syncromesh and is the exact same blend. I also found this. Can any prove, confurm or deny that this is true or not. Also in eather case, do you guys mix the syncromesh with other fluids...
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    Question on parts car

    Sorry I dont know what section this fits in best, I hope this works. I havent been around here in a while but I have a question that I need a quick answer to. I am looking at a parts car that I mostly need for some body panels. The car has great paint except the two bumpers where its...
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    Brake Leak Please Give Input

    Today I replaced both rear brake hoses, and put in the bias plugs. After putting everything together and bleeding I have a bad leak. The leak apears to be between the copper washer and the caliper.(Its hard to tell though but defenatly leaks from at the bottom washer) I have swaped the hoses...
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    P-Brake Adjustment Question

    My pbrake was working fine until my front cable started sticking. If I pressed it both tires would lock up. But since my front cable was bad I replaced it with the only one I could find. (Advanced Auto). After Installing it I noticed that the cable was about 1 inch shorter. (Between where it...
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    Front and Rear Main oil leak

    I have a slight oil leak at both the front and rear of the engine where the crank is. These are called the main bearings right? I have searched for "main bearing" and am not finding much. Am I using the wrong term. But anyway, if you have an oil leak there, do you have to replace the...
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    Parking brake problems in cold weather.

    I recently had the left rear tire lock up do to the parking brake not releasing. I had stopped at my parents house and set the parking brake. This was the first day this year with temperatures below 20. After about 3-4 hours, I went to leave and pulled the release lever. The pedal fully...
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    Kind of a chugging sound from underneath

    I have a weird "chugging" sound from under my car. I dont really know how to describe it or whatever so i dont know what I should search the forums for. I can produce the sound when driving, basically short shift and give extra throttle at low rpms 1000-1500. It sounds like chugging type...
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    Steering Issue.

    I have an issue with my steering where when I make a rolling turn its like the power steering is binding. I only notice this when Im up to speed then I slow down to about 20 - 25 to make a turn at an intersection. It dont matter if it is left or right, it feels that im forcing the wheels to...
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    Best Place to buy Brake Bias Plugs

    I have decided I want to get the bias plugs but am a little confused. I see a few diffrent vendors listed but some of the links are also not found. Can some any one tell me the best place to buy these from. Hopefully the cheapest but not sacrificings quality or safty. Secondly anyone that...

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