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    2003 with Gen 3 V8 conversion.

    Gen 3 swap performed by FPS in GA, with documentation. Cams welded.
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    Mislabeled 91 plus in Eastern WA

    Listed as a 1992. Claimed 56k miles, but driver's seat wear would indicate more. I'm a little out of touch on prices, but doesn't seem like a bad deal.
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    Top Ten Quickest

    The purpose of this thread is to list the quickest verified 1/4 mile times of SHO's and SHO powered vehicles. The rules; You must have a timeslip or video in which the ET is clearly visible. The vehicle must have an SHO powerplant in it, whether V-6 or V-8. That pretty much covers it...
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    Dyno Archive

    The purpose of this thread is to create an archive of SHO related dyno graphs. If you have a dyno graph, please post it. If you need hosting space for said dyno graph, Bizzy has suggested that she could do so. Hopefully she will chime in to give the details. Besides the graph itself...
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    Northwest SHO gathering (Tri-Cities in eastern WA)

    I hope Kerry does not mind me pirating his email. I just wanted to get word out to all the non-NWSHOC/PSSHOC members in the northwest. Particularly because I know there are many of you in eastern WA and OR as well as Idaho. Details of the meet are as follows; I hope to see a huge turn...
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    Transaxle bolt size/pitch

    It seems as though I misplaced the two bolts that go from the engine side into the transaxle case. They are the two at the bottom of the motor in the small pockets in the oilpan. If anyone has some extras, has easy access to pull them and measure them, or just knows the diameter and pitch off...
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    Cobra R brakes?

    Just curious if anyone has ever looked into whether or not these will fit the SHO. It appears as though the rotor is the same as the standard Cobra, it just comes with a pair of nice looking four *** Brembo binders. Also included are steel braided brake lines (though I do not think they would...
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    Install instructions Konis/IPT coilovers

    Does anyone have the instructions for either of these? I checked Koni's website and could not find anything. My IPT coilovers were preassembled by the previous owner. I need to change housings tommorow, as the existing ones are probably bent. To clarify, I am looking for the instructions...
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    Three dumb questions

    Two more dumb questions, was Three dumb questions 1) What is the function of the Vehicle Speed Sensor? (Did a search, and lots of topics came up. Unfortunately, 90% were regarding ATXs, and the remainder did not describe all the functions of the VSS) 2) How nessecary is the Charcoal...
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    What could cause a change in distance from rear tire to strut?

    A little backstory is in order. Went to the NW Alfa Romeo Club track day at Pacific (used-to-be-SIR) Raceway today. It was a little wet and cold in the morning, so for the first session I stayed on street rubber (Nitto NT-501s, very old). Unfortunately, on my last hot lap I had a little 180...
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    Avon Tech R tires

    Any thoughts on these? They come molded with 4/32nds tread depth which eliminates the need for shaving. That makes the pricing very competitive with the Kuhmo Victoracers and Ecsta V700s. The relevant SHO sizes look like 225/50-16s and 225/45-17s. Unfortunately no 235 or 245 section widths...
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    weird request for gen 1 owners

    I was wondering if anyone with a stock, well maitained gen 1 would be willing to do some ride height measurements for me. Specifically, from the ground to a specific point on the subframe. Say, right below the lower control arm? I need the info in preperation for my major winter project. I...
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    Track rims/tires

    17x7.5 Fittipaldi Fins powdercoated semi-gloss black 235/40WR17 Kuhmo Ecsta V700's shaved to 4/32nds and heat cycled. and a little preview of what they will look like on the car
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    Hood pics

    Its a plastic hood with a majority of the bracing removed, held on with some chrome hood pins *bling* :D :snicker: And four cans of flat black spray paint. Edit-can a mod move this to the "other" body section? The one for cosmetic mods, wheels, tires, etc.
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    MAF Transfer/TwEECer

    Does anyone have the MAF transfer for the 80mm Lincoln Mark8 MAF? Or is it already in Cal-Edit? There are several 80mm's listed, some of which I could decipher and some of which I could not. If you dont have a TwEECer and have no idea what I am asking for, don't feel bad. I barely have a...
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    SHOrt Shifter/Jose Fernandez

    Finally got mine in. I absolutely LOVE it! No problems engaging any gear, and it is in its lowest/shortest shift setting. I also picked up a black Hurst shift ball that I am liking very much. Jose, I will say it again; if you develop anymore parts consider me in. This product was very well...
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    Cut up a "Plus" hood today!

    Why? Just to **** everyone off of course! ANd I can call it a plus hood because it came off a green 91 plus car. :finger: Took about ten pounds of bracing off. Now I just need to finish prepping it for paint, installing the hood pins, and hosing it with flat black. The flat black is not a...
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    nitrous thread #865,382

    Yes, I did a search. Try doing a search on nitrous and see how many threads come up, most of which have nothing to do with nitrous what so ever. After scanning dozens of threads, and hundreds of posts I still do not feel as though I have a complete answer to my question. What specifically...
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    Kuhmo Ecsta V700s

    Anyone ever run these? Opinions? Approximately how long do they last? (however you would like to express that is fine. laps, events, miles, etc.)They are a competition "R" compound tire for those of you not familiar with them. I am about to order a set. I am really liking the Hoosier...
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    Alt. and A/C belt tensioner/ idler pulley

    Has anyone had any luck replacing the bearing that is pressed into this pulley? I have not checked, but I have a feeling that Ford will only sell the tensioner as an assembly.

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