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    The 2020 28th National SHO Convention is in the books!

    Wow, Doug Lewis is still at it? That's fantastic. (Kevin Mahoney of ProTech is doing real estate these days) Good to see your name, Ron. It may amuse you to know that the 00 540i I bought to replace my 93 ATX was the most expensive mistake I've ever made (TWO engine replacements!).
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    Unloaded some old SHO scale models. (Also, hi.)

    Used to be *deeply* involved with the SHO community in the 90s and early 00s (Peachtree Chapter, MASHOC, getting into fights with Don Mallinson (RIP), etc.), but life got in the way. Recently discovered that I have three AMT/Ertl 1/25 scale models still in their boxes. I think one was opened...
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    SHO Mechanic Arlington VA

    Too late for the OP, but for the future: Joey Baird at Baird Automotive on Washington Blvd gets my unqualified recommendation. Not a SHO specialist, but experienced and as honest as they get.

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