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    PTU Fluid Change...Kind Of...

    the origional fluid looked very good I assume it was changed recently
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    PTU Fluid Change...Kind Of...

    I dont have a fill plug to pull out. I only have the vent and the drain. The only put 8 back in though, how much trans fluid 2oz?
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    PTU Fluid Change...Kind Of...

    Anyone doing this change via the vent hose is very very slow? Just make sure I'm doing it right and its annoyingly slow. Have a 2oz funnel on the top of the hose clamped in place. Fill it and wait a hour put more in. Its like I should be letting air in somehow. Doing right now if anyone has...
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    Hello everyone I have returned with a 2015

    Ah I see this boomer needs to get woth the times.
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    Hello everyone I have returned with a 2015

    Any information available about servicing the PTU. Seems to be a big topic
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    Hello everyone I have returned with a 2015

    does the PTU get changed seperate from the the trans. I am getting a coolant flush and a transflush, plus I will be changing diff fluid.
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    Hello everyone I have returned with a 2015

    Hello everyone, after selling my 94 I have not been present much. However I have just acquired a not so SHO, Ford Taurus Interceptor. Though its not as fancy inside, I understand the powertrain is the same as you all here. So hopefully you will all welcome me back my lesser vehicle for...
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    SHO's at LKQ in Holland

    Is anyone planing on going up there for parts? If so I will tag along, few small parts I need, especially if someone is gonna pull an engine. Ill help so i can get to the few parts I need. Let me know by email via [email protected] if you are.
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    Alignment Exhaust Shops near GR.

    Hey all I been away awhile, but its all good been working on cars. But anyway, I just did a full suspension system on my mustang and need to know if anyone knows any great places to get an alignment done and some exhaust customization done. Perhaps one of you work at one of these places. I...
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    How to find a throttle cable

    There is no aftermarket suppliers?
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    How to find a throttle cable

    Does anyone know where to find a replacement throttle cable for G2 MTX? Nobody seems to have one that they can even special order. There has been some talk about this at times but havent seen a solution yet. Does anyone have one? -Mike
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    Nikki's driving rampage continues

    What kind of go karts are these?
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    **** switches

    I still suggest a starter **** type approch instead of a **** switch.
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    **** switches

    If thats the case you need to be careful its not something that can be triggered (even by accident) while the car is running. The best thing to use is the start **** that comes with most alarms
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    **** switches

    Why? If this isnt a fully race ready car, I can see this causing more harm then good.
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    More technical alarm question

    Hey all I use to be very knowleagable on all this alarm stuff, but I apparently am eather getting rusty or haveing brain farts. Can someone tell me how I can set up my alarm so I can feed in either a positive or a negitive signal that will cause the alarm to dissarm. Sorta a reverse factory...
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    High Quality Fog Lamps

    I am set on these, the insurance company gave me a set of Catz driving lights as a replacement.
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    Engine miss with backfire

    I solved this problem by replaceing wires and plugs.

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