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  1. M.J

    Initial thoughts...

    I bought my SHO with no intention of modifying it and did just that for the first couple years and 50,000 miles of owning it. It was my daily driver year round, even with a foot of snow out and did damn well, better than majority of the trucks I saw on the road. Truthfully I neglected it in...
  2. M.J

    PPE Downpipe Fitment Issues

    Went to install my PPE catless downpipes and upon installing them I was blown away at how low they are once fully mounted. That wasn’t even the biggest issue, it was that the front downpipe is so far off alignment after the flex with the rear downpipe. No matter what I did (push it up with all...
  3. M.J

    So what did you do to your SHO today!?

    I was dreading the process of wrapping these, relieved I’m done. Will see how they hold up to the wet PNW…
  4. M.J

    So what did you do to your SHO today!?

    Finally got around to mounting my remote battery terminals. Was actually able to retain factory battery post connections. Now just got to run my positive cable from the terminal to my trunk as that’s where I intend to mount my battery.
  5. M.J

    So what did you do to your SHO today!?

    Finally after 4 months of waiting... Quick question, should I exhaust wrap these to maintain heat?
  6. M.J

    Epp cai

    It would significantly make it easier. I did it on the ground with the car jacked up on jack stands at about the highest setting and it was a pain.
  7. M.J

    PPE downpipes.

    I ordered mine back in the first week of May from and didn't get them until the beginning of this week. I emailed them about a week before they showed up and said they're going to contact PPE on expected shipment date, and before I could even get an email back they were on my...
  8. M.J

    So what did you do to your SHO today!?

    Not really today but over the weekend. Got carried away with some fancy stickers. Made a bracket. Bracket was made to support all this extra stuff. Yes it clears everything when mounted, somehow. Never really liked the idea of all this being mounted in the front bumper or using the washer...
  9. M.J

    0-60 times, possible GT500 buy

    That's seriously impressive. Is that with nitrous?
  10. M.J

    So what did you do to your SHO today!?

    Slowly getting it back together.
  11. M.J

    Methanol Injection

    Well I feel stupid now, aha. Thanks for answering my question. Consider this thread closed, ahaha.
  12. M.J

    Methanol Injection

    In the process of installing my hot pipes from EPP and noticed the noisemaker delete pipe had the meth injection **** welded in front of the MAF sensor. First time messing with meth so not sure if this is ok. States in the AEM manual which is the kit I opted for that the nozzle should be mounted...
  13. M.J

    So what did you do to your SHO today!?

    Yeah, good ol’ Harbor Freight saving the day once again.
  14. M.J

    So what did you do to your SHO today!?

    Before: After: About $100 and 4 hours later this was the result. Running meth after this so hopefully I won't have to worry about doing this again. This is about 127,000 miles of hard usage on a **** stock 10' SHO.

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