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  1. Matt M PA

    Drive Bright DRLs Concern...

    I've reached out to DriveBright too...but figured it can't hurt to ask here. Today, I found that the DRL part of the light are staying on all the time..meaning...after the car is parked. Everything seems to work normally otherwise. I removed the main fuse and now the white DRLs don't...
  2. Matt M PA

    Well, That's Annoying

    I found some scratches in the lower black portion of my rear bumper. They were minor and were at the very end before it starts to run towards the exhaust tips. My friends at the body shop and I swapped it out for new one. I assumed at the time that I must've had something on the wash mit...
  3. Matt M PA

    Light Click Heard While Turning Steering To Left

    Hey folks....I noticed a light "click" when I turn the wheel to the left. The car does not have to be moving. It's not very loud and I can't hear it with the windows up. It seems to happen about once every steering wheel rotation, but does not make the noise then the wheel returns to center or...
  4. Matt M PA

    Rear Bumper Lower Section Removal?

    Hey guys...I found a scratch in the rear bumper lower section. The black textured area. I got a new one at the dealer this week, and figured I'd swap it out while the splash guards are off. (I painted them as they were turning grey)'s starting to look like I need to remove the...
  5. Matt M PA

    For Those Of Us That Bought SmartLink....'s being cancelled on December 15, 2019. So, I paid almost $300 for the unit, including 2 years of service and it will be rendered inoperative on the date above. Oh yeah...a $50 credit can be claimed. Big deal. To say I'm ticked off would be an understatement and I do plan on contacting...
  6. Matt M PA

    Plastic Pan Under Engine Ducts Not Open

    Hey guys....when I was working on the SHO last weekend, I noticed that the big plastic pan underneath has two ducts molded into it...but they aren't open. This AM, I saw one on Facebook for sale, and the ducts are cut open. Is this a PP vs non PP thing? Could it hurt to open them to be functional?
  7. Matt M PA

    PTU Fluid Change...Kind Of...

    Well, today with almost 10,000 miles, I figured it was a good time to change the PTU fluid. Good thing too apparently, as it looked nasty and the plug needed to be wiped off. Before I get into what we did...a simple question. I was under the assumption that the PTU holds just less than a quart...
  8. Matt M PA

    Got FordPass SmartLink Installed Today

    As many of you know, I do some work with a Ford dealer and the parts department ordered the SmartLink kit back in August. Ford wasn't supporting this in 2018 models until October. (I never could get the older version of remote access to work on my 2018) Well, it took a bit of time on the...
  9. Matt M PA

    Got My Roof Spoiler

    Thanks to some good comments, I contacted HappyBuyItNow on eBay for a roof spoiler. They didn't have a listing for my car at the time, but I contacted the seller who got back to me promptly with 2 choices. He then set up a listing for me. I showed this to a friend with an MKS who ordered the...
  10. Matt M PA

    Trunk Light LED Replacement?

    Hey guys....I got a couple LED strips today that I plan on installing under the package tray on each side in the trunk. There's a bare metal spot on each side that should work fine. I'd also like to replace the 212-2 bulb in the factory light housing with an LED. (Also considering getting...
  11. Matt M PA

    For Those With Ford Remote Access

    Well, as many of you know, I installed the Ford Remote Access. It worked fine for a week or so. The last two times I've driven the car, it doesn't work. On Thursday, it wouldn't work at a location and I assumed it was the location. At my next stop, it still didn't work. When I got
  12. Matt M PA

    Where Can I Get a "Full" Trunk Mat?

    I've been looking for months, and even ordered a Lloyds Mat on-line, but none do what I need. I want to cover the entire trunk floor...not just the recessed area above the spare tire well. I have one of the Ford accessory trunk organizers, which fills that recessed area to make the floor...
  13. Matt M PA

    Roof Spoilers

    As the title suggests, I'm considering a roof spoiler. I've seen several on other Taurus', and a few of them didn't fit very well. I saw one of eBay that I liked, but the vendor overseas says they've never painted my color (FT) before and basically say that they'll paint that color if I'll...
  14. Matt M PA

    How To Sell Factory 20" Machined Wheels

    I suppose the title asks the question. I have the 2500 mile take off wheels from my 2018 stored in the boxes that the new wheels came in. I see no reason to keep them, but don't want to go on eBay as I'd rather not ship them in case they are damaged in shipping. Also thinking I'd avoid Craigslist.
  15. Matt M PA

    Some Tips I Learned Installing the DriveBright DRL Kit

    I handled my DriveBright DRL installation over the weekend. While it took a bit longer than expected…no doubt due to my OCD…I’m pleased with the results. I thought it might be a good idea to pass along some of the things I did. But first, a quick comment about Dan, from DriveBright. During my...
  16. Matt M PA

    Underhood Noisemaker?

    I've searched here, and on-line but didn't find an answer to my question. On the passenger side of the engine, the intake tube has a "noisemaker". I understand I can get a different tube from a MKS or Police Interceptor or the aftermarket to remove this noisemaker. I am assuming that this...
  17. Matt M PA

    For Those That Installed Drive Bright DRLs

    Getting ready to place an order...but am left with a installation question. How did you get the wiring out of the under hood fusebox? Looking at the fuse box, it looks like I may be able to route the wiring out the bottom. I suppose a follow-up would be...I assume the cover goes back on once the...
  18. Matt M PA

    Changing Front Turn Signal Bulbs to LED?

    Hey folks....been looking into doing the Drive Bright driving light LED conversion. Looks great and after contacting the maker....and getting a fast, helpful response....I'm even closer to doing this. Except... ....thinking my OCD needs me to change the front turning signal bulbs to LED as the...
  19. Matt M PA

    Can I Change the # Of Flashes With Lane Change?

    Hey folks.....I seem to remember that in my wife's Focus..there's a way to change the number of flashes when you momentarily tap the signal lever for a lane change. I cannot find this anywhere in the owner's manual or looking in the menus on the car. Is this possible or is "3" the number of...
  20. Matt M PA

    SYNC, iPod Touch, Arg!

    When I first got my SHO, I plugged in my trusted iPod Classic and it worked. After a week or so, SYNC decided that it would no longer recognize it. So, I went out and got a new iPod touch. This, has worked well...until tonight. My wife wanted to hear a given song, which SYNC found...but it...

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