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  1. DadMobile

    543whp/576tq Dyno Video.

    Is the is the most power on a stock motor without nitrous? Could be! Torque is still capped a bit to preserve the drivetrain, big thanks to the work GHT & Matt put into this car. It takes time to get these cars dialed in right and ole HEB GTR is feeling faster than ever in the middle of August...
  2. DadMobile

    Just bought a high mileage SHO, Should I tunzee it?

    It even came with a cool custom bumper and a metal seat! TLDR: I am going to swap my drive train into this and push it till it runs 10.9’s or explodes. This will be a build thread. I never attempted to swap a modern drivetrain so many wires and tubing and ****, time to learn. First...
  3. DadMobile


    I reached out to Lee to see if they would be interested in carrying parts for the Explorer ST. The next day he added a plethora of mods to his site and was able to get me a Whipple intercooler the next week! Great communication and fast shipping. What more can ya ask for?
  4. DadMobile

    Passing the time.

    How are you passing the time while your SHO is frozen to the ground?? Due to the storm we have been stuck at home for pst week and it appears we have another week of hunkering down to go! Yesterday I laid new flooring in my house but I have spending more time thinking about how I can throw...
  5. DadMobile

    CENTEX - Fort Hood

    I see a decent amount of SHO’s in the area. Any forum members in the greater Fort Hood area?
  6. DadMobile

    NEW PB 08-10-21

    Not bad for the first Draggy run. It was clear that the 245 conti’s were not up to the task. The fronts spun 1st-2nd gear and finally grabbed in 3rd. Time for some 9” wheels and 275 NITTO 555R2’s.
  7. DadMobile

    Just embrace it, man.

    This is my 2017 SHO/Dadmobile. The SHO can fit three car seats, all the groceries for a family of 5, and most importantly it it shares a characteristic unique to dads everywhere- it has some *****! CURRENT modifications: Gearhead intercooler & turbos, XDI fuel pump, DW booster pump, Stainless...

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