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  1. Bizzy


    Welcome to your new section SESHO members. :)
  2. Bizzy

    New forums for the Generation 4 section

    I have added 2 new forums to this section. This particular section will be the "catch-all" for general discussion. The new forums are: Generation 4 - Maintenance & Troubleshooting and Generation 4 - Performance Upgrades I'm not sure if I will move topics over to the appropriate...
  3. Bizzy

    !!!!!--Warning to Sellers--!!!!!

    To those of you who are selling items or cars on SHOForum, It has come to my attention that we may have another scammer in our midst. Whenever information such as this comes to light, I feel that it is my obligation to warn sellers of either cars or parts to be careful about who you are...
  4. Bizzy

    Rebuilt MTX for sale

    I rebuilt an MTX trans for a customer a few months ago without taking a deposit. He has not been in contact with me regarding shipping and it's been several months now, so I'm putting it up for sale. It has new input shaft seal, new axle seals, new blocking rings and new roll pins in the diff...
  5. Bizzy


    Welcome to SHOklahoma members. Sorry it took so long for this section to be made. I took the liberty to add Toolman & VADERSHO as club mods here. If either of you don't want the position just let me know. :thumb:
  6. Bizzy

    A couple of new mods

    St Louis SHO, Inkertinker & kikkinasphalt. You're all elected to the post of club moderator for your section. If you would rather not hold the position just let me know. I realize I didn't ask anyone about this, so I will not take offense if you decide you don't want to be mods. :thumb:
  7. Bizzy

    Texas and surrounding area crew

    I would have posted this over on fordbastards, but I can't post there. :shrug: I got a call from Liz Bradford from Ford Motor Company in Texas. She wanted me to see if I could round up some of the Texas crew for the Dallas Sneak Peak of the new SHO. It's happening on Wednesday the 18th...
  8. Bizzy

    The Return of the SHO!!!!

    TAURUS SHO RETURNS WITH 365HP ECOBOOST V-6, PLUS ALL-WHEEL DRIVE, PADDLE-SHIFT SIX-SPEED GEARBOX • The Taurus SHO returns as the sporty version of Ford's new flagship introducing a new generation of premium performance and fuel economy with the 3.5-liter EcoBoost™ V-6. This engine...
  9. Bizzy 2009 aka Pass The Hat Time Friends 2009 aka Pass The Hat Time 12/19/2008 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well I was hoping to wait until spring of 2009 to launch our funding campaign but alas, a surprise 11th hour bill bit me in the six. Seems our domain...
  10. Bizzy

    Stripped front caliper bolt hole repair?

    Today I went to replace my front brake pads and rotors. Upon trying to button it all up we found that the lower hole that the caliper bolt goes into is stripped and the bolt just turns and turns and turns. I tried the other bolt out of the top to see if it was just a bolt problem even though...
  11. Bizzy

    Attention all members; Regarding email addresses

    I knew it would only be a matter of time before spammers invaded Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail. It's unfortunate, but because of this NEW registrations will not be allowed from Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail. Of the last 6 new registrations, 5 were spammers using either Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail. This...
  12. Bizzy

    Yes, I know there are no posts

    Due to a database error a couple of weeks ago we completely lost this forum as well as 2 others. I am currently trying to restore the posts that were made here but it is taking more time than I had anticipated. Please continue to repopulate this section. If I am able to restore the old...
  13. Bizzy

    4th of July Fireworks (Possible meet)

    Ok guys, they've finally announced when the fireworks will be. They are going to be on Saturday July 5th at 10:00 pm. Over the last few years there have been a few people that have come out to spend the evening, cook out and enjoy a bonfire, beverages of your choice and the fireworks that...
  14. Bizzy


    I have a customer that is looking for a quaife; new or used, in trans or not. If you have a quaife or quaifed trans that you are willing to sell please shoot me a PM with a price and your location. :thankyou:
  15. Bizzy

    Drivers side MTX halfshaft with good boots

    As the title says, drivers side MTX halfshaft needed. Must have good boots. Please PM me with your best price and estimated shipping costs. I'll give my addy and zip code via PM. Thanks! :thumb:

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