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  1. Irish Pride

    93 Black ATX

    13K!? Has the market really gone up that much?
  2. Irish Pride

    The SHO must go on

    Welcome in. Goo Gone or Goof Off will take tar off without hurting the paint. -Chad
  3. Irish Pride

    Hi everyone

    Welcome in!
  4. Irish Pride

    Word Censorship

    I really don't know how it works. I don't have the abilities to look into stuff like this. Another one that is in the post above is "s.l.a.v.e." cylinder. -Chad
  5. Irish Pride

    Word Censorship

    The second example has several words that are edited out as individual words and taken out of context. Examples from the thread are - "t.r.a.n.n.y", "b.a.n.g" second gear, "h.a.r.d. - o.n." TOBs., etc... All normal terms when addressing the topic of the thread. I already had to have @Shaggy...
  6. Irish Pride

    crank position sensor

    Wow! They think highly of that one. It's a good number. I haven't seen Tomco in a long time. -Chad
  7. Irish Pride

    New SHO project update

    Get yourself some more leverage. What are you using to try and remove it? Spray the nut down with some PB Blaster and let it soak while you do something else. Use a half inch breaker bar with a pipe over the handle for the added leverage. -Chad
  8. Irish Pride

    New SHO project update

    Those aren't Tokico blue. Like you said, the blue Monroe or maybe Gabriel. -Chad
  9. Irish Pride

    Red 91

    It's a cable shift car. Has to be early 91.
  10. Irish Pride

    Lowering springs

    Take the 1 off the beginning. 71780 and 71781. Just double check that they are Sensa Tracs. The same part number is good for the OE Spectrum too. -Chad
  11. Irish Pride

    Lowering springs

    That's why I tell people to make sure and get the Sensa Tracs. The OE Spectrum struts are supposed to be the same according to Monroe(same part numbers) but the valving was changed and the Spectrums don't last like the Sensa Tracs do. -Chad
  12. Irish Pride

    Lowering springs

    Do not put those on cheap ebay or Rockauto struts. Find some good OE struts or some Monroe Sensa Tracs. Do a search and you will find the correct part numbers here on the forum. -Chad
  13. Irish Pride

    Rock Auto Discount code

    179251816163216164 September 12th 2021
  14. Irish Pride

    Acceleration problem

    Moved to proper section.
  15. Irish Pride

    Valve cover bolts

    In the Ford parts catalog it specifies to "improvise from bulk tubing". I dont see any option other than finding some lines off a clean donor. -Chad
  16. Irish Pride

    New Spare Tire

    Look up Maxxis Tires online. I dont know if you can buy directly from them but that is the company that I go thru when we need to replace a mini spare at the dealership. -Chad
  17. Irish Pride

    moon/ sun roof cover

    Pop the light lenses out(pry on the inner edge where the two meet) and you will see two screws holding the assembly up. Remove those two screws and then slide the entire assembly towards the rear of the car. There are two hooks that hold it up. Sliding it back will get the hooks off of the...
  18. Irish Pride

    New Spare Tire

    Personally, I carry a full sized spare in all my cars. I had a few spare Slicers that I mounted some cheap tires on and put them in the trunk. You can go to the junkyard and pull a full size off any Taurus up to 2007. -Chad
  19. Irish Pride

    I’m new!!

    Welcome in.

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