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    Gen 1 owner

    Welcome! Any codes?
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    3.2l Stage 2 CAMs

    Try contacting Josh at Shonut, look under the Performance tab
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    EVAP hose aftermarket replacement?

    Here is the breakdown
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    New member

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    Restoring 95 SHO

    Welcome! There are quite a few Gen 1/2 owners on the forum who can answer questions. The search function is also helpful as these cars have been around for awhile so past owners have documented issues/solutions with these cars.
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    1995 MTX shifter issue

    Shifter Handle Rotating | SHO Forum shifter rotates 360 degrees and shifts like crap | SHO Forum You can try contacting Shosource or Dan Barbush - SV&HOdan to see if they have a replacement part
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    New Valve Cover bolts

    (6) NEW - OEM Ford E9DZ-6A548-A Inner Valve Cover Bolt 1989-1995 Taurus SHO | eBay
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    Ray's 2018 SHO

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    New to forum

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    White 92

    here's one with less rust, not as many mods but looks to be maintained 1995 Ford Taurus | eBay
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    White 92

    1992 Ford Taurus | eBay
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    EVAP hose aftermarket replacement?

    94 and 95 MTX cars used a D code, the earlier MTX cars used the M code.
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    EVAP hose aftermarket replacement?

    here are the differences between the CCRM's Fuel Pump cutting in and out. | SHO Forum
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    EVAP hose aftermarket replacement?

    From the page below, code 172 has to do with the oxygen sensor 172 (R,M) Oxygen sensor not switching - system is or was lean - Single, Right orr Rear HO2S - Fuel control SHO Phoenix Project ( You want to stick with the same M code or D code CCRM, there was a thread discussing the...
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    White 95 ATX

    looks pretty clean with mods 1995 Taurus SHO - cars & trucks - by owner (
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    1991 Electric Currant Red SHO

    Nice find, engine bay and interior looks really clean. Thanks for saving it.
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    Toledo OH area

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    92 SHO transmission

    That price looks to be 2 to 3 times higher than it should, unless you are getting a tranny with all brand new internals as well as a really expensive clutch. Here is what Shosource charges for a replacement tranny, so with shipping it would be around $1000. You could probably find a cheaper...
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    Need help

    212 IDM circuit failure / SPOUT circuit grounded. 217 Coil 3 primary circuit failure. 542 Fuel pump secondary circuit failure. 542 can be ignored, gets set when engine dies Which brand of coil pack did you install? Did you replace all these parts since they failed? Did you try swapping...