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  1. NoSlo

    Replacing Fuel Rail Pulse Damper / Pressure Regulator - O-Ring Part # Needed

    I had to go to a boat mechanic supply (a lot bigger and more industrial in a fishing port city than car places), and they had drawers of copper gaskets to find a match.
  2. NoSlo

    The Saga Contiunues

    Another engine destroyed by bad design. This is why I did my research and got a G2 SHO that's still going, and would not get a G3 or G4. Break a timing belt? Put on a new one. Maybe a nice 2008 Taurus or Montego Duratec with a $35 water pump, or 2013+ Fusion Hybrid and go 600 miles on a tank...
  3. NoSlo

    93 PCM Question

    A helpful diagnostic tool would be another PCM. The symptom of fans and pump on (signals to CCRM) plus no codes has been the PCM before. Here's pinouts: The shop manual warns not to probe the unplugged PCM harness, the connector pins can be damaged by normal multimeter probes. I'd guess in...
  4. NoSlo

    Rear wheel stud removal advice

    Studs should be pressed in and out of hubs on the bench. Especially when replacing them all, or else... Investigating a crash: The ideal clamp torque for a M12 10.9 grade is 97lb-ft. Beyond that goes beyond elastic preload of about 5 tons per bolt and enters the yield and thread-strip...
  5. NoSlo

    Rock Auto Discount code

    Non-Rockauto code I just used: NAPA online (pay online & then pick up in store) $20 off $50 promo code: NAPATEXT exp 5/31
  6. NoSlo

    how to determine my crank sensor is dead?

    Here's a thread that has some info about the pinout and testing the crank position sensor: Remember, the car has two spark plugs per coil, so you won't easily see spark by just disconnecting a wire, spark...
  7. NoSlo

    Looking to buy power steering pump and pulley

    No, it would not. The made-in-Japan Atsugi power steering pump fitted on the SHO was designed for its high RPMs. Here's mine: Atsugi Unisia company: Serial number 3312.. March 12 1993 Not rebuilt, with a questionable "rebuild" where they spray painted right over the bearing, and not...
  8. NoSlo

    Vacuum regulator assembly

    I'll report to mods to combine this with the other new threads you made and move to engine subforum. You have a picture of the the EGR vacuum regulator solenoid. "EVR". The ports used shouldn't matter if you identify the correct hoses. However it is the centermost port that leads to the EGR...
  9. NoSlo

    SoCal Find

    a 97 just showed up in Arlington WA pick-n-pull, heavy front end damage so we know it was running when it stopped.
  10. NoSlo

    Car keeps cutting off after warmed up any help??

    That's why it is best to try one remediation at a time. Now you have little idea either what would have fixed it or what has caused the new symptom. At least three of the six+ things can be restored to the old equipment. Injector timing requires the PCM to open them. If it doesn't know about...
  11. NoSlo

    front main seal

    About time we hear how this turned out... Front oil will blow all over when you're going 70mph. Also a good number of leaky oil pressure sensors reported here. I just did front 60k, overdue seals make both smoke burning on the cats and everything oily including CV boots and soften mounts and...
  12. NoSlo

    92 SHO left passenger door motor problems

    Help the window up while pushing the button. Open the door and squeeze the glass between both hands and lift it up if you have a helper to push the "up" button. The motors are much more likely to have gone weak, too weak to overcome the rusty scissor jack of the infrequently used regulator and...
  13. NoSlo

    Timing belt covers for an 89?

    No thanks given to anybody yet in the thread, so: They are all in stock here, new, $239 total: Time was you'd just go to the u-pull and pay $15 a piece for something like that. Now your...
  14. NoSlo

    rough under laod

    Those codes are consistent with an engine running test, where you didn't warm up the car and didn't provide the proper gas pedal and steering input at the right time. 91 is only transmission if from engine-off test. 13 can be if you pressed the gas pedal at the wrong time. Bucking from misfire...
  15. NoSlo

    Mass Air Flow Sensor Replacement

    This is where you ask the mechanic "what voltage did you read when monitoring the MAF at PCM breakout pin 50 and pin 9 during KOER?" Wild diagnostic guesses on your dime are shadetree.
  16. NoSlo

    Cruise Control Cable for 93 ATX

    New $38:
  17. NoSlo

    1993 Underhood Decals

    I posted a high-quality emissions sticker graphic here: I have several technologies to print, such as Alps MicroDry, which can print on plastic sheet or the backside of clear; but would need to find a good plastic...
  18. NoSlo

    Gen 2, lower timing belt cover, ATX

    I've got one. Also upper front and back. Both have decent seals. PM.
  19. NoSlo

    WTB: 1993 shift cable and inside door rubber moulding.

    Pretty sure this is the weatherstrip seal: has shift lever and shift lever linkage search. You might call a promising one like Giancola 732-257-7556 and verify it is ATX floor shift. Alternately, look up...
  20. NoSlo

    What happened to the Sho Phoenix Project?

    I registered a domain for a better home for SHO stuff.