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  1. Fasterdamnit!

    Anyone know anything about these TBs?

    I have one. Very nice work. No performance data to confirm the makers claims. Easy bolt on. I believe the company that “makes”these ( and many other Mfr TB’s) has before and after flow data.
  2. Fasterdamnit!

    Help me try to get a performance part made for our platform...

    Ditto!!! Makes upgraded turbos look more appealing.
  3. Fasterdamnit!

    ecoboost_xsport Consolidated Build/Maintenance Thread

    That would be the recipe!. I hit 11's in mineshaft air one cold Sunday in January with the daily driver '92 5.0 on motor. 324rwhp/330rwtq (H/C/I 3.73's, ET street, borrowed skinnies, 5k side step the clutch and powershift the T5) 1.65 60ft 11.90 at 115mph.
  4. Fasterdamnit!

    ecoboost_xsport Consolidated Build/Maintenance Thread

    Awesome! Man I miss running at Sac. It was always a hoot give Dave **** and he would give it right back. You are close to 11's. But I don't think 1.7's will do it with 112mph. If you can hit low 1.7's, high 1.6 and trap 114-115 then you are golden.
  5. Fasterdamnit!

    Ugh...hopefully not engine failure...

    My experience with SVO 2.3 Turbo- Boost them let off generating smoke- and it is oil- then turbo is on it’s way out. Serious oil consumption also tell tale symptom. Good luck!
  6. Fasterdamnit!

    HPTuners Updates for 2013-2017 Taurus SHO

    Interesting! I have 5 star as my first tune and it would le you increase line pressure in 5% increments for harder shifts. I liked 10%. The Gearhead AO tune dos not have that option.
  7. Fasterdamnit!

    Gonna pull the trigger on some tires...get your input

    True. Still- John hits his goals of up to and possibly over 700lb/ft of torque, that is still serious loads on all mentioned components. And I look forward to those big numbers!
  8. Fasterdamnit!

    Gonna pull the trigger on some tires...get your input

    One more consideration- With your power goals and that snazzy multiport ethanol injection- Just how much traction do you really want at launch? I love a great 60 foot but I was beating on a rwd 5.0 w/ built 8.8, police aluminum driveshaft at 3000lbs. 6k and side step the clutch on MT ET...
  9. Fasterdamnit!

    3 runs 3 Kills !

    Call you Paul Bunyan! Well done
  10. Fasterdamnit!

    bpd1151's 2010 SHO Rebuild Thread.....

    Just gorgeous! Thanks, I needed that. One day, The Xplorer Sport will have a foundation for major boost.
  11. Fasterdamnit!

    New PB 11.14 @ 123.34 NED 9/6/20

    And look at that 60 foot!!! Bravo!
  12. Fasterdamnit!

    X35 IM Spacer alignment bushings available.

    Nice work! Did they cut the top off? I enjoy porting and haven’t done it in over 10 years.
  13. Fasterdamnit!

    X35 IM Spacer alignment bushings available.

    Deal! Just paid for my spacer. And a “fresh” intake arrived so I can do some porting. Be glad to have a set.
  14. Fasterdamnit!

    this is that thread, yo mama warned you about.

    Yeah!! Just didn’t bother to grow up! I’m at a light- Caddy ATS, aftermarket wheels and loud exhaust pulls over into the right lane that ends soon after the light. He didn’t expect me launch so got out a bit and then held him off my rear quarter. No idea on his drivetrain.
  15. Fasterdamnit!

    PTU Build Thread

    Wasn't a theory on the 75lb T5's! You made sure you had a few from the pick and pull in your garage. Since they were in T-birds, Mustangs and Rangers, you could find them readily. May not be the 5.0 spec gear set and torque ratings, but cheap backups were a good thing.
  16. Fasterdamnit!

    Hello fellow Ford-O-Philes! Greetings from Charlotte NC

    Howdy! Just picked up a 2014 Explorer Sport 3.5L Ecoboost. 78k miles, dinged an all 4 corners but mechanically sound. 5 star tune and 3 bar MAP good to go! Will become a daily driver and occasional tow rig for sailboat or travel trailer. Long time Ford nut. Raced a Deep Emerald Green '92...
  17. Fasterdamnit!

    PTU Build Thread

    Do you plan to reinforce the case in any way? That was one of the weak links of the T5. Case would spread once you put in stronger internals. Jim.