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  1. ridered74

    Sct tuners issue

    Nearly impossible even if it explicitly was covered. Step one they will ask you in what way the car is not working correctly. Best bet is save your time and frustration and just tune it. If you are one of the unlucky few, it seems sct is pretty good about paying for dealer charges to reflash...
  2. ridered74

    Sct tuners issue

    Weird. I'd bet they say extended warranty does not cover that if I was a betting man.
  3. ridered74

    Sct tuners issue

    Yep I switched to auto octane tune to make sure I could since I use it occasionally coming home from tracks where I can't find any e85. I'd put vehicle to stock and then update device fully if I were to do it again?
  4. ridered74

    Long Term Fuel Trim problems just bank 1

    Only issue with mine is that it is the front middle coil. It does not stay tight enough to keep rain out, so when I pull the coil it looks amazingly bad, same with the plug. I have to vacuum it out before i remove the plug and then clean it and the coil before putting it back in. I don't daily...
  5. ridered74

    Sct tuners issue

    I was sent a new tune recently and loaded it on the car fine. Went to put original tune back on and it said the device needed a software update before it could load that tune back on the car. Connected to wifi and it did a quick 30 second update.....then when I connected to car it said "please...
  6. ridered74

    Long Term Fuel Trim problems just bank 1

    When I had my injectors my mechanic was nice enough to strip out 4 of my coil back bolts. Only one was so bad that it became removable, I was able to fix it with a new tap and die kit from harbor freight and a bunch of gorilla glue. Only was able to fix half the threads, so the bolt has about 10...
  7. ridered74

    New here (‘13 SHO livernois tune)

    Regardless of what they tell you, I'd bet money it's not your transmission or anything with your car. First I'd contact them and give them the opportunity to fix it. If they say you are the first or only one having the issue, just go ahead and run. As of a year ago they were up to V17, which...
  8. ridered74

    Funky shifting w/ Livernois 3-bar v11 91 octane tume

    Tons of people had same issue, lots of threads here about that. Contact LMS for an update, think they are up to V17 now. Mine still didn't want to shift on the new one tho fwiw.
  9. ridered74

    bpd1151's 2010 SHO Rebuild Thread.....

    People are always flying drone cameras above cars, so what if you were to...........have an rc car drone camera to drive underneath the car. Brilliant?
  10. ridered74

    2015 Ford Taurus SHO Spark Plugs/SN Plus Oil

    I regretted every single untuned mile I put on my first SHO. Totally different car.
  11. ridered74

    New SHO owner and forum member.

    Saw that posting a while back on one of the taurus groups on facebook. Pretty sure you don't want to hear anyone's thoughts on it. LOL! Hope it treats you right!
  12. ridered74

    Jordan's Rebuild Plan of action

    Time for a dragy run!
  13. ridered74

    Advantages and disadvantages of different handheld tuners

    Never used the BDX but as far as the the x4 and livewire go....the x4 takes almost twice as long to load a tune as the livewire. The livewire has a much newer looking display and allows you view more pid's at one time. Where the x4 is better in my opinion is when you plug it into the odb port...
  14. ridered74

    Leaving the show

    Nice looking new ride! That seems like a pretty good price you sold yours at as well. Trade in or did you go private party?
  15. ridered74

    Let's talk tunes

    No I was referring to the one that starts with the same letter twice. I ran LMS for 3 years on my 2011 and it was fine. Only issue I had with them were when I bought my 2015. I wouldn't buy a tune from them again and I wouldn't recommend anyone ever to buy a tune from them. If they still sold...
  16. ridered74

    Let's talk tunes

    I've tried all but brew city and the one we can't speak of, gearhead has been the best with ajp turbo right there neck and neck.
  17. ridered74

    Finally found a local dyno

    I go back and forth on that. On the one hand I have no interest in finding the limits of my motor and I enjoy how consistent the car is how it sits, but then on the other hand I think when my turbos finally do crap out on me why not spend just a little bit more and get the good stuff. If money...
  18. ridered74

    Finally found a local dyno

    Slow motion was first one I called. They wouldn't let me touch the dyno unless they were tuning it. Couple others I called over the years would schedule months away. This place I called on a wednesday and was in the following monday.
  19. ridered74

    802SHO Engine Build

    I'd leave those pins in, but I'm trashy like that.