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    Yet another PTU thread...some history

    Help. I'm new to the SHO ranks and one thing that has bothered me about this car since I bought it is there is a slight vibration in the car above 25 mph and onto highway speeds but is reduced at higher speeds. I've had the tires rotated and balanced with no change but it always felt...
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    Things you don't like...

    Always having to push the recirculate button on the A/C unit upon starting the car. Why can't the controls (all of them) remain as they were when you turned off the ignition?
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    Black Top, Wing and Exterior Mirrors

    I purchased this 2015 SHO last month for a work vehicle and haven't seen any other models out there with the Black top, Mirrors and Wing. Does anyone know if this was part of a package or something and if so does it have a name? Just curious... Thanks in advance.
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    Texas City

    Saturday Nights weather permitting. Home Depot in Kemah, TX just off Hwy 146. Just keep the engine racing down and the event will go on!
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    New SHO owner from Texas

    Yeah it can be an issue with our types but I have my 911 for that! I'll try to keep this one stock...maybe! Kemah, TX here.
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    New SHO owner from Texas

    Thanks for the info. I'm definitely non-PP.
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    New SHO owner from Texas

    Guys, I hear of performance model SHO' can you tell if your car has this option? Are there build sheets available by Vin# like the ones available for my 911?
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    New SHO owner from Texas

    Just purchased a '15 SHO for work after changing jobs and had to get me a daily driver. I've always liked the looks and engine of the SHO and recently drove a '17 Expedition with the same motor. I'm in the Petrochemical Refining business therefore American made, gasoline engine, and not too...

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