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  1. Qshiplvr

    '96 SHO with parts and tools (for a friend)

    TankII: Thank you very much for the reply. I only need the one exhaust cam that is closest to the front of the car. I can pay $85 shipped. I don't want to take away the possibility of someone else needing any of the other cams. I already had one shipped to me that was useless by another seller...
  2. Qshiplvr

    WTB Gen 3 HID Retrofitted headlights

    I did this upgrade myself. Took quite a bit of time and effort, and just the parts were $407 not counting any amount for my labor. Good luck w/ your project. Here's my post of how I did it myself...
  3. Qshiplvr

    '96 SHO with parts and tools (for a friend)

    This is what took out my SHO.
  4. Qshiplvr

    '96 SHO with parts and tools (for a friend)

    I know this isn't at all what the OP wanted but my '99 SHO has been down for over 2 yrs lacking an exhaust cam on the front head (closest to the front bumper). I saw something mentioned about "spares"? Would he be willing to part with exhaust cam(s)?
  5. Qshiplvr


    So the disc size is still stock for Taurus and you upgraded to Cobra Calipers? I was wanting bigger brakes due to undersized nature of our stock discs, but struggled with the fact that if I upgraded to Cobra brake discs, they wouldn't fit stock SHO rim size, and I'd have to spring for 4 x new...
  6. Qshiplvr

    SoCal Find

    Dammit! Here I was looking for an exhaust cam too. Wish I had been paying more attention.
  7. Qshiplvr

    Magnaflow Mufflers

    I posted my experience w/ Magnaflows a while back. Here is the link to the post:
  8. Qshiplvr

    V8 SHO Catastrophic Shim Failure

    Sorry, this thread is stretching out so long, but Life kind of gets in the way of SHO business, you all know that. JohntheSHOguy was kind enough to dig into my engine, and ALMOST has the head off to check the extent of damage. Took him a couple of trips, one in Jan, one in April to get to the...
  9. Qshiplvr

    V8 SHO Catastrophic Shim Failure

    Everyone: Thank you all for the replies. I am REALLY hoping that the head is useable as is, and all I need to do is find another bucket and a shim that fits, plus redo all the rest of the shims, whilst cleaning out the oil and screen for the shrapnel that happened when the shim failed. Will let...
  10. Qshiplvr

    Valve shims available?

    I think I need at least one new shim...posted new post in V8 Emergency Issues.
  11. Qshiplvr

    V8 SHO Catastrophic Shim Failure

    Well, it happened. It started with a soft ticking, which turned into a definite clicking. I knew something was up, so decided to turn into a shopping mall driveway to check it out. By the time I found a parking space, the clicking was now a clacking. I shut it off, opened the hood, and asked my...
  12. Qshiplvr

    What parts are needed for a rebuild?

    I experienced shim failure and want to replace the Y brass connector. Can't seem to find it anymore. Any suggestions where to get besides Newegg?
  13. Qshiplvr

    Random "No Start"

    Eric: I bow to your video game supremacy, having mastered the game Centipede and ripping the fire button out as your trophy of conquest! I was only able to get the wave counter to roll on Robotron, and last only 6 hrs on Defender at the top of my game. Awesome job at getting the Gen3 SHO to...
  14. Qshiplvr

    Another Gen2 bites the dust...94 SHO in Rialto CA

    Yeah, made me miss my old '92. Wish I had the space and resources to save this one. One hungry SHO mouth is all I can afford now!
  15. Qshiplvr

    Another Gen2 bites the dust...94 SHO in Rialto CA

    Found this on LKQ Rialto inventory looking for mirrors for my '99 SHO Sad...
  16. Qshiplvr

    Gen3 at PnP - Greely, CO

    Well poop! Went to the yard, paid the entrance fee, walked all the way to the far corner where the Ford cars were before,...and ALL the Tauruses except one, were gone! The employee at the front said just a couple of months ago they sent the lot of them (about a dozen) to the crusher! ;-( Gotta...
  17. Qshiplvr

    Gen3 at PnP - Greely, CO

    Gen 3 SHO Fan: I still consider myself a newbie, so please forgive my ignorance for requesting clarification...when you say Gen 4 sunroofs are interchangeable with Gen 3 (like my 1999 SHO), you are referring to the 2000 - 2007 models of Taurus and not the Gen 4 SHO (2010+)? I am planning a...
  18. Qshiplvr

    Gen3 at PnP - Greely, CO

    Not to mention my needing the inside track of the sunroof. My plastic runner snapped and I have been terrified to open my sunroof ever since.
  19. Qshiplvr

    Gen3 at PnP - Greely, CO

    Gosh, that valve cover shroud looks SOOOO pristine! I WISH I were closer to CO! I'd drive out there just to pick it! Mine is cracked where the harness loops around the passenger side, and someone over torqued on of the nuts so the loop shattered
  20. Qshiplvr

    New to the SHO

    Welcome, Eme from a fellow Mopar enthusiast! A great car is a great car. I am fortunate to have owned a few, and like you...cannot leave well enough alone. Good luck on your new SHO! I too lust after a Mazda 6, though I have reservations about forced induction and long term wear and tear in...

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