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    89 SHO Compression Test Results

    I decided to do a compression test on the front 3 cylinders since they’re easily accessible, in my quest to find a miss……. #4 is 170, #5 is 210 and #6 is 170PSI Within the spec of 171 to 199, BUT more than a 10% diff between the highest and lowest. Thoughts?
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    Differences between civilian SHO and Squad Car?

    What are the differences between an SHO and a Taurus Police Interceptor besides the squad car can survive a 75 mph rear impact?
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    Anyone actually find valve shims that needed replacing?

    I worked at a Ford dealer in the 1990s, the service manager had a 1989 SHO and did his due diligence for his 60k and then 120k service. His advice when I had my first SHO was to use a quality oil and not bother with the checking for clearance and use shims unless you hear clattering. The wear...
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    Gen 1 owner

    Hi All, I’ve had two 1989 SHOs since the mid-1990s, my current one I’ve had since 2004 that I paid $200 for from a friend (to cover the two new front tires he put on) who only wanted a case of beer for it. It sat in storage until 2018 when I decided to get it out, get it going and roadworthy...
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    Couple Mystery Connectors Under the Hood

    Hello, long time SHO owner, 1989 GEN 1, and I found a couple unconnected wiring connectors under the hood I need help identifying..... First photo - it is located to the left of the airbox Second photo is located between the throttle body and transmission... Wire Colors are: Orange with a...

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