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  1. Jordan_R

    So you think you have false knock?

    I figured I would throw up a source of false knock trouble shooting thread. This is under the assumption your fueling is perfect and a non issue. If not listed below add it in the comments and I will add it to the list. What is Knock? Knock is when the knock sensors, which are basically tiny...
  2. Jordan_R

    Custom front crash bar benefits

    Thought I'd just throw this up as it's own thread as I just had another crash bar made up for another member. Don't think I'll have any of these for sale as it's a huge liability I'm not looking to partake in lol. That being said for those who are going to make some steam and want to pursue the...
  3. Jordan_R


    I have taken a moment to compile a list of components of basically everything you need for the short block here.. Hope this is of use to those who don't want to use a big box store for their short block and are fine playing parts runner! I also got with Ortiz and got my own coupon code up for...
  4. Jordan_R

    Low Oil Pressure Part 2

    So boys I didn't wanna make this post but this engine has got me baffled beyond baffled. First off let me go into details on the engine. I started the motor for the first time couple weeks ago and had low oil pressure. Immediately pulled it and replaced some things. All clearances are in spec...
  5. Jordan_R

    Shout out to Ortiz

    Got rods, pistons, rings, arp head studs, bbk throttle body, bearings and more to come from them as I need it. All delivered quickly and the one thing that wasn't was not their fault but the manufacturers. Good stuff ordering parts from them. At this point I've spent a ridiculous amount with...
  6. Jordan_R

    Felt like this was worth sharing

    1 year ago (and a few days) I broke the sho ecoboost platform record for the first time! 11.38 @ 118.9mph in a heat wave. (4700da and 98 degrees) Was running stock size turbos, this was before the nitrous, the methanol and the hybrid turbos. Seems like not that long ago but I made this video...
  7. Jordan_R

    Raptor Crank in a SHO!

    I guess I should say that this is the High Output 3.5L Ecoboost crank, but raptor is more fun. I thought I would make a post separately for this as I think this is some good information for anybody going through a big build. This is all of the items you need for the Raptor Ecoboost to work in...
  8. Jordan_R

    Gauging interest on Custom Kirkey Brackets

    Gauging interest in custom Kirkey seat brackets. We can't use universal ones due to our offset and wonky bolt positions. Would you be interested in purchasing the brackets for ~$250? This is a completely custom piece for our offset bolt holes and weird mounting position. Would be not painted...
  9. Jordan_R

    Jordan's Rebuild Plan of action

    So as I posted yesterday it sounds like a rod bearing has spun or rod is bent. I am super optimistic of this opportunity as I knew this was going to eventually happen. I was absolutely sad to begin with but a couple hours past and I got to scheming. For now I believe what the plan is to buy...
  10. Jordan_R

    Personal Findings on Free Flowing Exhaust

    So I recently decided that I wanted to change up the exhaust set up on my Taurus. Previously I had PPE Catless downpipes to dual 2.5" straight pipe exhaust with an x pipe to 2.5" vibrant resonators that were also sleeved with straight pipe. Effectively making it solely straight pipe with an x...
  11. Jordan_R

    Best part prices I could get!

    I bought a methanol kit and a dw300c lpfp through Lee with no issues. He was able to beat Amazon's pricing on the methanol kit and the dw300c was the cheapest I could find. I did also originally order ATP's through Ortiz however unfortunately due to some core issues we weren't able to do that...
  12. Jordan_R

    Kirkey Seat Installed

    Video here: Really loving how it turned out. Nice touch to the car considering where she is at currently. The side bolstering is really great and I love the tightness the seat has. Feels extremely secure.
  13. Jordan_R

    SHO Ecoboost Modding Order

    So I made this list in January on Facebook for some of the pages there so I figured I'd throw it here. I see people talking intakes, downpipes etc, but this in my opinion, is the proper way to modify your SHO piece by piece. So here it is... I was thinking today about the list in which I would...
  14. Jordan_R

    Jordan's Upgraded GH Turbos Dyno - AJPTurbo Tune

    For your viewing.... Here: Made an obnoxious amount of torque. Still stock internals and 135k miles on everything.
  15. Jordan_R

    Jordan's Ecoboost Dyno

    This is without nitrous so essentially what I was running when I ran 11.38 stripped! AJPTURBO AND GEARHEAD TUNED - XDI35 HPFP, Gearhead Intercooler, Anthony Dicunzolo trans mounts, J2 Dual Intake, PPE catless downpipes, MSD coils, full exhaust, Ebay compressor wheels First off Video of all...
  16. Jordan_R

    2019 Jordan's SHO Season Summary - World Record Progress

    First off I want to thank everyone here that pushed me to the limit this year. Since I joined this platform a few years back I had always thought that the "hard limit" of quarter mile times just hadn't been attained. 11.5 was insane and had been the the fastest anybody had ever gone for the...
  17. Jordan_R

    Ecoboost SHO platform record 11.16 @ 122mph

    Finally got around to editing this up.. Enjoy some crappy footage. Hopefully next time around I can get some better footage. Just a lot went wrong this time around when it came to filming, but I got what matters I suppose. 11.161 @122.05 mph 9/27/19 4000DA Fastest Trap Speed 11.193 @...
  18. Jordan_R

    PPE Updated Downpipes

    This is kind of a copy pasta from the other forum but figured it's very relevant over here also. So I was given the opportunity from PPE to test fit and quality check their new revised pipes. So they have a cast ****** bend that goes to the piping which is absolutely a work of art. Looks like...
  19. Jordan_R

    Rebroken Platform Record 11.214 @ 123.71mph 9/15/19

    I already posted this on the Ecoboost Forum so figured I'd swing by here and update everyone over here. As of yesterday (9/15) I rebroke my platform record of 11.384 with an 11.22 and subsequently topped that with the 11.21. I will make a video in the next week or so and post that up once I...
  20. Jordan_R

    NEW ECOBOOST SHO WORLD RECORD 11.38 @ 118.9! 4700DA

    *I will be adding to this as I have time later today with video perspectives and extras* Well we finally did it. Yesterday was a momentous day for myself and I want to thank Brad (AJPTurbo) for tuning the car and getting it so refined to maximize every aspect of the car. On to the meat! Here is...