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    89 SHO Compression Test Results

    I decided to do a compression test on the front 3 cylinders since they’re easily accessible, in my quest to find a miss……. #4 is 170, #5 is 210 and #6 is 170PSI Within the spec of 171 to 199, BUT more than a 10% diff between the highest and lowest. Thoughts?
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    Coolant leak - use stop leak?

    If their engine’s cooling system is that dirty, it doesn’t really matter if something plugs up, as it was inevitable anyway. They gotta start from scratch anyway.
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    Coolant leak - use stop leak?

    I worked very closely in the 1990s with Bar’s Leaks and they could tell me that GM threw two pellets into each engine block. Warranty claims for coolant leaks were drastically reduced. Matter of fact, ACDelco still sells ACDelco packaged Bar’s Leaks. Part number 12378255 is an old part number...
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    Coolant leak - use stop leak?

    Bar’s Leaks doesn’t clog, it’s a fine powder that repairs the leak on the outside when it comes in contact with air. A fine powder won’t clog anything. Yes I’ve also experienced other brands in the last 30 years.
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    Coolant leak - use stop leak?

    Most automakers throw in a couple pellets of Bar’s Leak during engine assembly to prevent warranty claims. It lubricates the water pump too. Wouldn’t hurt to try and buy you some time until you can get the issue resolved.
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    Differences between civilian SHO and Squad Car?

    Just curious which has the better suspension and overall performance.
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    Differences between civilian SHO and Squad Car?

    What are the differences between an SHO and a Taurus Police Interceptor besides the squad car can survive a 75 mph rear impact?
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    Anyone actually find valve shims that needed replacing?

    I worked at a Ford dealer in the 1990s, the service manager had a 1989 SHO and did his due diligence for his 60k and then 120k service. His advice when I had my first SHO was to use a quality oil and not bother with the checking for clearance and use shims unless you hear clattering. The wear...
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    Bought a 90 SHO

    Sweet red, awesome job!! Is the cat back exhaust systems still around?
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    Low Mileage Black 1989 SHO in SE Michigan

    Very clean!
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    Gen 1 owner

    Ha ha well, “Key on, Engine off” I get one Code, 11….. looks like I’ll have to drive it more and keep the battery connected when I park it.
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    Got a deal on the whole works?
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    Gen 1 owner

    Yep, thrown a bunch of money (which I’m fine with) to replace as much as possible with “New” so it’s a reliable driver………New fuel tank, new Bosch pump, flushed the lines, fuel filter, complete tune-up with nos Motorcraft SHO plugs and wires (no oil found in wells), sprayed carb cleaner around to...
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    Gen 1 owner

    Well, it hasn’t thrown the dash light yet, but I plan to run the codes anyway.
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    Gen 1 owner

    Hi All, I’ve had two 1989 SHOs since the mid-1990s, my current one I’ve had since 2004 that I paid $200 for from a friend (to cover the two new front tires he put on) who only wanted a case of beer for it. It sat in storage until 2018 when I decided to get it out, get it going and roadworthy...
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    Couple Mystery Connectors Under the Hood

    Hello, long time SHO owner, 1989 GEN 1, and I found a couple unconnected wiring connectors under the hood I need help identifying..... First photo - it is located to the left of the airbox Second photo is located between the throttle body and transmission... Wire Colors are: Orange with a...

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