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    Key cutting

    Bought a new ignition lock for a 93 ATX and am trying to get the door portion of the old key transferred to the new keys. From what I can gather, these are 8 cut keys as opposed to 10 cut which were introduced around '97-98. With cut 1 being nearest the tip, does anyone know which cuts are for...
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    Fuse Box Panel

    Starting a new thread for 'Anonymous' in a section where I can post a reply. Anonymous wrote: Does anyone happen to have a diagram of the fuse panel ,I’m missing mines and i keep blowing a #15 and I don’t know what exactly it is without the cover panel , I’m trying to start my car but it’s just...
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    GoFundMe for Nick Chrimes, BaySHO Performance

    Hi guys, I’m in a bit of a financial pickle. Still working on cars. I currently have a 6 week backlog and rarely have a day off. It would be nice to retire at 73, but the only way I can afford stay in the San Francisco Bay area is to supplement my Social Security with car income. See footnote...
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    CPS Bolts

    Some tips on CPS bolts: the phillps head bolts are a stupid idea. The cross in them can easily get damaged, leading to potential problems getting them out next time. I replace them with M4-0.7 x 10mm hex head cap bolts. Readily available at your hardware store. 16 gauge single strand wire to...
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    Wiki SHO Additions

    Recently added to Wiki SHO:
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    Anyone lost a Diff Pin?

    Has anyone had a diff pin let go? What did it sound like? What happened when you tried to engage a gear afterwards? I think the problem with my '91 is the clutch, but want to rule out a diff pin.
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    Oversized piston rings

    F3DZ-6108-F and F3DZ-6108-C are 0.020 thou oversized pistons for the 3.2 ATX. Has anyone found rings for them? The manual only has specs for the standard rings.
  8. BaySHO Performance

    HP Quiz

    Saw this engine at Yosemite Machine in Modesto, CA yesterday. Note that this is built around an ATX engine (vertical holes for the engine lifting eye). Put together for a Salt Flat land speed car. Let's have some guesses on the HP, and I'll then fill you in on some of the details.
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    EATC problem

    Problem: blower motor comes on when the ignition is turned on before starting the engine, even though the EATC is off. Can’t get the blower to turn off. Background: ’95 MTX, 155K miles. I drove it home from the client’s house, everything was working fine. Replaced the radiator as preventative...
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    V8 cam welding

    I have just successfully completed my first V8 cam weld here in San Jose, CA. John Stoessel in Los Angeles does an excellent job in Socal, but I'm now capable of doing welds for you Norcal folks. I take the cams out and have them tig welded by S&S Welding, San Jose. I supply the correct 1/16"...
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    New phone number for BaySHO Performance

    Please note my new number for my cell phone instead of my land line: (408) 500 9397 Thanks
  12. BaySHO Performance

    WTB: Pair of 3.2 head gaskets

    Anyone have any? SHO Source no longer sells them, none anywhere else or in dealer inventory.
  13. BaySHO Performance

    Installing a 3.2 into an MTX

    I've done this once before, but can't remember all the details. I know that there's a comprehensive write up somewhere but danged if I can find it.
  14. BaySHO Performance

    IRCM Woes

    1990 SHO, having trouble starting and running. May have a code 14 (PIP) with the WP leaking on to the CPS. Trouble is, often when I turn the ignition on (engine off), the IRCM clicks like crazy, as do the injectors, with spark at the plug wires. I tried another IRCM, clicking went away...
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    '89 Steering Rack

    15 racks changed in 15 years, but this is the first ’89. I’ve been trying to get the jiggle valve out of the pressure port to transfer to the new rack, but it’s held in place with a flat washer that has a couple of tabs on either side that go into slots in the rack body. How do I get it out?
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    Valve Spring Compressor

  17. BaySHO Performance

    Main Bearing Caps interchangeable??

    As we know, the con rods and caps are line bored and a stamp placed over the two halves so that they can't get mixed up. What about the main bearings? Are the main bearing caps and block also line bored, or are the caps interchangeable between engines?
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    ATX to MTX conversion

    Has anyone ever converted an ATX to MTX? writeup somewhere? Needed off the top of my head: MTX Tranny MTX shifter MTX pedals MTX Y Pipe, modify cat back MTX wiring (big hassle as some of it is in the dash) MTX subframe and motor/ tranny mounts: engine to motor mount mounting points...
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    Eco_Boost Fuel Dilution Problems

    This from the NorCal Shelby list. Gen 4 SHO owners, heads up. John Miller (runs the BaySHO club email list server) says that this is supposedly also a big issue with various BMW and Audi direct-injection engines and there's been a lot of discussion about it in various places. Fuel Dilution %...
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    Gen 1 Front Wheel Hubs

    Gen 1 owners: don't buy a xxx520000 front wheel hub that's supposed to be for the Gen 1s from anywhere. The rotor ****** will sit 3/16" too far outboard, and you won't be able to install the brake hardware. Buy the Gen 2 xxx520100 instead. Reason: all of these hubs are made for the regular...

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