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  1. jman1200

    Fuel Pump Issue?

    Hi Car didn't start last week, was low on fuel but still showing 40 km (~25 miles) left to empty. Last year my fuel pump module went bad so I thought this could be the same issue. Car sat overnight at work and the next morning I replaced the module (I wrote another thread about it). Car started...
  2. jman1200

    2010 Rear Defrost

    Winter is coming and with the first snow we've had I've noticed that the rear defrost is not melting the ice formed on the outside of the rear glass. Also, I do not see the warm lines clearing the fog on the inside. Switch light turns on and it times out as it should. I checked fuse 20 for...
  3. jman1200

    2010 Front CV Axle

    My SHO has developed a vibration under acceleration and it is getting worse every day. Took it to my mechanic, checked engine and transmission mounts, drive shaft play and only bad thing we could find was a torn boot on the front passenger side cv axle. The joint is dry and shows some rust so...
  4. jman1200

    Car Died - Fuel Pump Module

    I'll start by disclosing that my battery appears to be in its last legs, car starts fine but battery dies if I listen to the radio with the engine off or if I run anything else on acc. I know these cars act funny when there are battery issues. I've been delaying this but plan to get a new one...
  5. jman1200

    Cardone or Motorcraft?

    Hi A couple of weeks ago I started noticing minor vibration when accelerating and when the vehicle is going up on small hills. It does not happen downhill or coasting. Took it to my mechanic this morning and he could not feel it, that is how **** I am with these things and how minor the...
  6. jman1200

    Radiator Fans Always On

    So my SHO has always had this "feature" since I bought it. I posted somewhere about this before but never dug into it but now that Winter is here and that I sometimes need to sit in the car waiting for my son to finish soccer practice, I want to try to fix this. Reason I say that is because it...
  7. jman1200

    Homelink and Security+ 2.0

    One of my garage openers quit after 11 years, went and got a modern one (Chamberlain B750C) that now comes with a bunch of features. I haven't been able to program the Home-link on any of my vehicles, according to the website all vehicles manufactured after 2011 should be able to link to...
  8. jman1200

    TPMS for 2010 SHO

    I'm looking to buy a set of sensors for my Winter tires but been searching around and found some that came with a strap and then others that don't, but say they are for the 2011+ Taurus. Found DE8T-1A180-AA, TPMS12 and some other PN's. Can someone please let me know what works for the 2010...
  9. jman1200

    0 to 60 Times

    Post your 0-60 mph times here. Let us know what mods you had when you achieved that time and what device did you use to measure it.
  10. jman1200

    SHO vs SHO and more

    Posted this video in another thread but wanted to give it more visibility by sharing it in the right section. Took my SHO to the strip for the first time, had been 14+ years since the last time I've raced on a track. A bit nervous, new track, not sure how to skip the water box, not sure where...
  11. jman1200

    Ignition Coil Connector

    Last night I changed my spark plugs for the first time since I got the SHO, used Motorcraft SP542's. Happy to see that it was not that difficult (5/10) when compared to my Mazda 6 in which the intake plenum has to be removed. Sadly I found two broken coil connectors, anyone know if Ford sells...
  12. jman1200

    Alignment with H&R Springs and 275's

    I've owned my SHO for more than a year now. Last year I had it aligned as I noticed that the inside of the front tires was wearing out and the car acted weird whenever I hit a change in terrain. First I thought the wear was due to the angle caused by lowering the car's height but then, I started...
  13. jman1200

    Power Loss

    I recently switched to my 93 octane tune and added 94 oct fuel. Decided to do a few 0-60 street runs using the Torque app to measure them. I found that when I try launching it between 2-2.5k rpm with the traction control off, there is a sudden loss of power after the wheels spin. I do not hear...
  14. jman1200

    Mystery Part

    Was cleaning the underside of the vehicle and noticed this broken bracket. Please help me identify it. On the right side of the vehicle right under the passenger's floor. 20190422_185050 by jman1200 posted Apr 24, 2019 at 3:07 PM
  15. jman1200

    Transmission Fluid

    Replaced the fluid today, bought 5 liters as I remembered reading somewhere it needed about 4.5, Started draining it and then decided to look in the manual... freaked out when I read the total capacity was 10 liters. Called the wife and asked to buy 5 more. About 4.5 liters came out, added 5...
  16. jman1200

    Power Outlet Always ON?

    Referring to the 3 x 12V power outlets. Since I bought my SHO I've noticed that my phone charger's LED stayed ON even when the the engine and ACC were OFF. Didn't really care much about it but I recently purchased a dash cam and confirmed that full power is delivered at all times making me...
  17. jman1200

    PTU Parts Diagram

    Hi I went to replace the oil in my PTU and found there is a small leak through the right shaft seal. My mechanic assures me he can change those without removing the PTU (2.5 hr job). Been looking around and haven't been able to find the PN for what I need to buy, anyone has the parts diagram...
  18. jman1200

    First ****

    I used to drag race (1/4 mile) my daily driver a couple of decades ago, got away from it but have always loved doing occasional WOT's runs with every single vehicle I've owned. I've had my SHO for about a year now and never taken it to a drag strip or being challenged at a stop light... until...
  19. jman1200

    Backup Camera Issue

    Yesterday my backup camera went blue, the Nav screen works fine so it is not that. Already did the reset and a Sync reboot, nothing worked. Argghhh !!! haven't had this car for that long and can't catch up... issues are coming up faster than I can fix them. Guess I need to replace the camera...
  20. jman1200

    How to Identify HIDs

    Recently got a 2010 SHO, it came with aftermarket LED headlights and one needs to be replaced. I haven't had much luck with LED's in any of my vehicles, they never lasted more than a year so I'd like to switch back to halogens or HID's. How can I tell if my SHO came with HID's or halogens...

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