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  1. SHOHead

    Decided to rebuild the '11

    I've been sitting on this for a while but it finally happened and the headgasket blew on my daily. Decided it would be best to just do a full rebuild and get rid of any of the issues I've been having prior to this. Anyone know some good rebuild kits or other parts I could add to improve...
  2. SHOHead

    Recommended Fuel injectors or other possible ideas on misfire

    Hello all I am currently experiencing a misfire in cylinder 3 after swapping out the left turbo was originally thinking the turbo messed with it or that the battery getting low was messing with the engine computer. Just swapped the battery to a new one , and swapped 3 and 4 coil packs see if...
  3. SHOHead

    Fellow Sho fan

    Just here to introduce myself hopefully learn some new tricks for my two babies and just see some other SHOS brought to their prime

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