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    Can find M-code CCRM

    see NoSlo post in the thread below to help trouble shoot
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    All SHO with a little Go

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    White 95 ATX

    Nice and clean
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    Is there a place to look for OEM cosmetic parts?

    interesting, they have clear corner lights
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    New to me SHO

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    New to me police interceptor

    Welcome! Post some pics
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    Red 95 MTX

    its back
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    Greetings from South Texas

    Welcome! Post some pics. The thread below has the cars built in that configuration, quite a low number for a black interior car
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    Green 95 ATX
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    Inner tie rod ends

    I have not seen differences between mtx and atx on websites
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    Inner tie rod ends

    You're asking the question with respect to the outer tie rod ends correct? The version I have is shown on the Shosource website.
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    Thanks for the add!

    Welcome! Parts are a little harder to find, but can still be tracked down. Check out Shosource, Rockauto, ebay, and the facebook groups for parts.
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    Is there a place to look for OEM cosmetic parts?

    Welcome! Your car's paint looks good. Are you close to Vancouver, WA? Shosource is near there and they might have the parts you are looking for. There is someone selling basket weaves in Fall City, WA on Craigslist. But since your car came with slicers, you can probably find some as they...
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    Can find M-code CCRM

    there is one for sale on ebay, not cheap though
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    90 Titainium

    I would have bid for the MB 3.4 car, I was trying to buy it when it was still in Houston
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    90 Titainium

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    95 sho mtx

    A quick check to see if it's the cam sensor is to disconnect the connector going to it. Try starting the engine, it may take a few tries since the engine does not have the cam senor to help it start. If it ends up being the cam sensor and it went bad due to oil leaking behind it, you will need...
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    Red 95 MTX

    now at $5000? zero bidder pushing the price up or they must want that Taurus Chilton's manual