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    Quick Question? ( Groung Strap )

    Is there a ground ******** the 1992 SHO ? I cant find any trace of one being on there when I took this car apart. I could be wrong and might of set it aside with stud bolt and its laying in a tote ,box,drawer or gardner blew it away and bolt is in the rocks Im working over. If this wire is...
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    Question on cleaning intake ports

    How should I clean down inside of port Im not sure whats the best way please any suggestions would be so awsome dieing to finish but want to be right before putting new clean intake on, :thankyou: Much Love for all the help from SHO Peeps and for keeping me...
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    Looks like sand inside intake

    So had the day off yesterday and started breaking engine down. When I pulled intake off there was oil and a sandy mess in one off the port holes so seems my cats might off taken a ****. There wasnt very much though so is this salvageable if I clean it all up and start over with clean...
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    Need help understanding PPI bridging

    If theres anyone who know there stufff love to ask how to fix my wiring problem. I had someone try to steaL my amps and cut wires in back and thought I could just reconnect them but the cuts on the wires all look the same and there muti cuts on same colors anyway I post a picture of wiring...
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    new to forum and new sho owner

    Im finding out that SHO repairs arent cheap or easy having trouble finding front hub and bearing any help would be so awesome:thankyou:
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    Need front inner hub and bearing

    Driver side bearing shot need left inner hub but also willind to buy other side as well told to do both if replacing one 323-290-1951 [email protected]:fit::help:

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