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  1. ctwrench

    1992 SHO FS Houston, TX Make Offer

  2. ctwrench

    1992 SHO FS Houston, TX Make Offer

    Sorry, I didn't list a price. Pretty much taking offers since there is so much miscellaneous stuff to go with the car. Now that the weather is cooling off, I should be able to get a full listing of the parts and more pics of the car.
  3. ctwrench

    1992 SHO FS Houston, TX Make Offer

    The time has finally come, after almost 9 years of ownership, to let my 92 SHO go. I've put a lot of blood sweat and tears into her and want to make sure she goes to a good home. Purchased December 2007 as a 1 owner car with 206,000 miles. Currently showing 302,000. Black/gray. Recent upper...
  4. ctwrench

    3.0 Timing Cover Set

    My timing tensioner stud broke and as things started to move around to places they shouldn't the timing covers have been mutilated. Please let me know if you can help. Thanks, Eddie :thankyou:
  5. ctwrench

    1992 Red MTX SHO Fort Wayne, IN $600

    Man, this is tempting. I need another car in the family without breaking the bank. Texas to Indiana is quite a haul, though. Would it make the trip or need to be hauled/towed?
  6. ctwrench

    Runs crazy hot with a/c - water pump?

    With the a/c on, a single fan should increase in speed, or if a dual fan unit, the a/c will automatically turn the second fan on. Check fuses, relays and the fan motor.
  7. ctwrench

    Intermittent turn signal issue

    Finally had a weekend when it wasn't AS hot. I pulled my multi-function switch apart and it was nasty inside. The connectors were corroded and the grease was turning green. I cleaned everything up, lubed the internals and put it all back together. Both signals blink at the same rate now...
  8. ctwrench

    Intermittent turn signal issue

    I've replaced the bulbs. Also, the same bulbs that light up when the signals work correctly are lighting up when it rapid flashes.
  9. ctwrench

    Intermittent turn signal issue

    My '92 SHO has an intermittent problem with the right turn signal. Sometimes, everything works normally, but more often than not, I get a rapid flash on that side. I've checked while it is doing this and all the bulbs are working. They flash really fast, but they all light up. The left side...
  10. ctwrench

    HELP: Will not start

    I hit the send button too soon. The 542 code can be ignored if the pump is actually working, which it seems that it is now. If you're getting fuel to the rails, the injectors aren't squirting, then you've probably found the next clue to getting it running.
  11. ctwrench

    HELP: Will not start

    542 = fuel pump secondary circuit failure 542 happens if engine stalls and can mostly be ignored
  12. ctwrench

    HELP: Will not start

    Stupid question, but have you checked the really obvious like the emergency shut-off in the trunk and the fuses? Use an ohm meter, not just a visual check. If the car sat for that long and wasn't cared for, mice and rats love to chew on wiring. Take a look at the harness from front to rear...
  13. ctwrench

    Rubber trunk seal

    JC Whitney, $35 trunk seal. Perfect fit and seals tight. I love mine.
  14. ctwrench

    Two Major Issues

    You might also try jacking it up and check the tie rods and ball joints. It looked like you were moving the steering wheel quite a bit, but the wheels weren't turning when the noise was made. Also check the steering column to make sure that the shaft isn't rubbing on something between the rack...
  15. ctwrench

    Please don't tell me this...

    Glad you got it fixed! Wish I could have helped out as well, but I have the same problem as Frisbeeguy. I'm not even sure I could've kept the "work on it Friday" thought that we came up with because I may have to work Friday as well.
  16. ctwrench

    Please don't tell me this...

    Mario, I saw you called me yesterday but I was in a meeting. I'll be home tonight if you want to get together and we can check the cable stretch issue. That would be my guess of what is going on at this point. When you had it apart a few days ago, did you go ahead and warranty out the parts...
  17. ctwrench

    headlight housings

    Sable lights are identical to the Gen 2. The fishtanks just ***** to the sides.
  18. ctwrench

    Dash lights, turn signals/tail lights

    I had a similar issue with my '85 Mustang. The solution was to put a relay in the circuit. The switch would heat up and the lights would go out. The first time it happened, I was on a 3 mile long 2 lane bridge in the middle of nowhere around midnight. That was fun. Anyway, power out from...
  19. ctwrench

    Decent Replacement Subs For Stock setup

    I couldn't beat this deal: Pyle PDMW6 6.5" 250W High Performance MidBass Subwoofer I paid $0.99 for the sub and 15.95 for shipping. It fit well in the "craptastic" factory box and sounds decent. I can feel the punch in my seat and it also has a good bass carry. I have a Sony head, Clarion...
  20. ctwrench

    Rock Auto Discount code

    53180414411492 This discount code expires on June 5, 2011

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