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    Hello, new here

    First thing I did is buy a tune. Lot of power sitting there. Especially if you've had it 8 yrs. It'll be like a new car! Check out Gearhead, im satisfied with there auto octane tune. Id recommend the sct x4 to tune your car. Unless you wanna get fancy. Youll need different plugs and MAP sensor...
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    VTA BOV Mod Question

    I only have the front one vta right now and still hear it very clearly. With both it was just annoying and not really that cool imo. Just drive it. Youll hear it.
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    Trunk struts?

    Theres such a thing?
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    Livernois Performance Packages

    You can get a better tune for the same price from other places. I purchased a tune from livernois not too long ago. It seemed to be decent without any comparison but trust me the others are better. I switched to gearhead and I wish I had gone with them straight off the hop. I dont think lms is...
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    Resonator replacement?

    Im thinking of replacing the stock resonator with a borla. Im looking for a deeper tone without all the ricey sounds that these cars will make with a full on delete. Has anyone done this? From what ive found the resonator kinda determines the actual tone and the mufflers just keep it from...
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    Any SHO owners out there?

    Wouldnt drive it any other way!
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    Transmission fluid change or Replace Transmission

    Well sorry to hear you had no luck. Hopefully they make a beefed up version of this transmission? Being one of the best hp per dollar cars out there they should. Man they take a beating!
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    Transmission fluid change or Replace Transmission

    You disconnect the neg on battery then run a jumper wire from the pos terminal to the disconnected neg battery cable. Not the neg terminal. Let it drain the capasitors in the pcm for about 15 min. Then reconnect battery let it idle for about 15 min to relearn the idle. Then drive around like its...
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    Transmission fluid change or Replace Transmission

    Have you tryed the trans relearn procedure? Worth a shot. Ive heard of ppl fixing alot of problems on newer cars just by resetting the pcm which in your case will relearn the trans as well.
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    LMS problems

    Well man ive had zero problems with my tune from LMS. I dont think youll find anyone on hear that will recommend them though. Youll hear horror stories about there v11 tune and there customer service. Which is enough to make me regret running there tune. I mean when your tuning ppls cars that...
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    LMS problems

    Ya i kinda picked up on that. All the feedback is cool and informative. I was driving a 98 jeep xj when i bought my SHO. I never heard of LMS or any of these other popular ecoboost tuners until then. I guess im guilty of the marketing like alot of guys have been. Wish i would of came to the...
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    LMS problems

    Finally a good example. Thanks man. After reading that im ****** at livernois too lol. Im gonna make the switch to gh pretty soon i think... also had a 06 legacy. Put 195k on it before trading it in. Awsome car.
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    LMS problems

    I guess s c a t pack is a bad word? ***
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    LMS problems

    Thanks for the info man. My car is pretty stock right now. I haven't had it very long. Im sure ill get faster. Not really goin for a drag car right now. Just a fun car. Also i have an extended warranty too so cant do much that cant be undone if needed. Honestly i would never buy a ford without a...
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    LMS problems

    Its that bad huh...

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