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    Should have joined sooner

    Welcome! Hope You figure it out! Clunks are no fun.
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    14 year old tires

    Send it, you’re fine. I’m counting 2014-2021 as 7 yrs, but if you truly meant 14 years old, then send it (to a tire shop for replacement soon)
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    New member

    Glad you’re here!
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    Mike93 from years ago..

    Welcome back! You gonna buy it back if you find it?
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    95 MTX Green

    Pics needed!
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    Top speed SHO

    Zach won’t ever go a half again. At least not in the ****.
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    Top speed SHO

    One of my 89’s went 185 at a 1.5 mile runway event in Loring, Maine. Still the fastest verified run of any year SHO as far as I am aware. It was supercharged for that run. It’s getting a turbo, along with some other upgrades that should net a sizeable increase in useable TQ, especially for 5th...
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    95 ATX White

    I don’t think this car is misrepresented, condition looks true to a well cared for low mileage SHO. The partial bra is weird.
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    Joining the club.

    Awesome, glad to have you!
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    Hello all

    Glad to have you, welcome!
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    Thanks for the add.

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    New, Old SHO Guy

    Keep loving it is my vote!
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    Joining the club.

    Welcome! Got pics?

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