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    Rear brake caliper

    I used a pipe wrench on my SHO. Worked great. However, with my GF's Jetta it would turn the piston, however it wouldn't retract it back in. Off to Harbor Freight I went. $49.00 later I now have a pretty decent tool that can do a plethora of brakes.
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    After Using this Forum for Months, Finally Made an Account!

    Welcome to the forum. There is a bunch of info that can be had here.
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    2017 sho sad to see go

    I think they are rad. My buddy has a P100D and it is amazing, has zero soul. He said he loved it for a couple of months, and then blah..... Really can't get a race because most people know what they are.
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    Normal operating temps?

    Yep pretty much normal.
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    2018 SHO - Dirty Exhaust Tips

    Yep completely normal.
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    Initial thoughts...

    Hahaha. #metoo
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    Best Trans mount

    Yes sir. The AD mounts are damn good. Between the fit, finish, and function...they deliver period.
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    2017 sho sad to see go

    Yep I watched his video yesterday. I am on the fence about the new Mach E. I do think EV's are cool (but souless), I just wish Ford hadn't used the Mustang image for a crossover.
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    Best Trans mount

    The sound is one of the best attributes to the AD mounts! LOL.
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    So what did you do to your SHO today!?

    I have a upgraded AGM battery and my SHO killed it even with a battery tender when I wasn't driving it. It has a 3 year warranty, so I guess they will replace it again in two years.
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    So what did you do to your SHO today!?

    Had to put a new battery in the SHO yesterday. The two year trend continues. New battery was free however.
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    NEW PB 08-10-21

    Heck yeah. Get after it.
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    Cold Air Intake vs Drop in Filter

    For performance, yes.
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    Cold Air Intake vs Drop in Filter

    It depends on the application. If you are running stock turbos then a drop in filter in the stock air box is more then adequate. The stock air box is a ram air cold air intake. It is draws air from outside the engine compartment, and it flows more air then the turbos can actually use.

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