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    PTU Fluid Change...Kind Of...

    If you have a 2010-2012 SHO, the drain and fill ports are the same. 2013+ perf pkg ptus have separate drain and fill ports. Sent from my SM-N910P using Tapatalk
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    So....the end is at hand.

    Family first, always. Best of luck, wish the troubles had ended at chewed up wiring, but ...
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    Car Died - Fuel Pump Module

    Possibly stuck injector,7760
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    Question about PP brake caliper parts

    I don't think vented pistons are even offered any more, probably due to costcutting reasons. The seals do not tend to fail, PP or not.
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    So what did you do to your SHO today!?

    Looks very very good! The roof might actually be a mild steel "cover" like it is on the Edge, where it can be removed and replaced.
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    Forged Internals Build 10:1 vs 9:1 compression pistons???? Forged rotating assembly in the F150. Cyclone 3.5L EcoBoost, 3.5 Duratech and 3.7L Ti-VCT V6 Engine Tech...
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    Trouble code popped up

    Have you tried unplugging the battery/clearing codes yet? I assume you have, but ...
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    Survived water pump now these codes!?? Help please

    Out of curiosity : did you replace the timing components also or only the water pump?
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    bpd1151's 2010 SHO Rebuild Thread.....

    Wow, this is for reals now :omgsho:
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    Newbie w/a 2016 Black SHO

    Welcome and congrats!
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    Intercooler stencil

    Can you see the intercooler if you shine a light through the condensor? Maybe LED lighting instead of stenciling? bpd has done a lot of work in the engine bay with lighting, so likely would be able to provide guidance.
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    New style Hood

    Ummm ... you forgot about all the bodies piled into the trunk ... :D :nut:
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    Troubleshooting P0301 misfire

    I don't see a crank or cam sensor causing a misfire. No fire, maybe, but usually a trouble code will set or the PCM will initiate lower power routines to compensate. Of course, codes are set after a threshhold is met, and if the sensor is weak but not weak enough, the PCM would keep doing what...
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    Car has 3Bar, how to tell if it has a tune?

    Now that we have seen tuned cars with stock 2 bar MAP on the intake manifold, this distinction may not be 100% reliable.

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