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Mar 20, 2019
Feb 23, 2006
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Dec 20, 1988 (Age: 31)
Olney, Md

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Sho Amo

SmkTyresntDrugs, 31, from Olney, Md

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Mar 20, 2019
    1. Hambler
      I am working on putting a SHO engine in my e30. I am (hopefully) close to getting a s2000 6 speed bolted up to the SHO engine. I am now working on the cooling system, and saw a post from way back in '08 that you can get some information supposedly not on the internet, it sounded like it was in context to cooling. If you have any suggestions or information on a front mounted thermostat, please let me know!
    2. Sho Amo
    3. AREA 91
      AREA 91
      I need to get down there and get that hood!!!
    4. AREA 91
      AREA 91
      Happy Birthday Bro!!!!!!
    5. Sho Amo
      Sho Amo
      Not really. Havent taken pics of much yet. Once I get the motor, ill start documenting the progress. So far its just got the rear bushings replaced and some Stance coilovers.
    6. Rubix
      Got a photoalbum of your RX7 yet?
    7. ZooYoost
      Yo, just raced a new corvette ha , hop on chat...
    8. shotime1320
      hey it shotime1320 with the blue sho ...i towed the white sho from capitol to pa when he broke down hae a peoblemand was wonderinf if u could help...can u call me asap 301 343 4068 thanks joseph
    9. Sho Amo
      Sho Amo
      not a definate but your welcome to stay either night.
    10. 1995SHO9
      Is that a deffinate?
    11. Sho Amo
      Sho Amo
      i think its gonna be after the picnic.
    12. 1995SHO9
      I'll trade you my apexi safcII for your rims....... that was like 510 bucks....

      Anyways, you having a get together at your house before or after the picnic, justin said he might be staying with you ?
    13. Sho Amo
      Sho Amo
      lol. trade me your tweecer for them :)
    14. 1995SHO9
      How much for your rims?

      I want em....
    15. 1995SHO9
      Here, I invited you to my club, keep it between me and you and club members what goes on inside is all I ask. Other than that I don't care if you pm people if you think they will be interested in joining, but keep it OFF the main site..

    16. 1995SHO9
      Now you do, my bad I didn't get back to you earlier, I passed out at 7pm lol

      My dad was all bitching when I work up....
    17. 1995SHO9
      Oh, now wonder I never got a response from you, you put it under your own profile lol.

      Anyways congrats on your job.

      Eh, zex is good, but it gets expensive fast dude, or at least from what I've been told. Just don't push it to far like I do and blow shit up :P, I have 2 cars, you only have one so that would suck for you. Also get that ******* diff welded before you go shooting a shit load of nitrous though it.

      Oh, and for the taste, I like Hi life, but natty ice is about 3 times stonger per beer, so I like that more..

      Oh and when you reply do it on my profie, cause I don't view this regularly.

    18. Sho Amo
      Sho Amo
      oh forgot to say its at jiffy lube, kinda lame but a job no less.
    19. Sho Amo
      Sho Amo
      ughhh natty ice. step it up to the champagne of beers!! seriously tho a 30pack of hilife is only 13 bucks.

      im really beginning to think my nitrous kit is gonna be a waste cuz i want a turbo :)
      things im buying with the first paycheck
      190 fuel pump
      55 75 100 jets
    20. 1995SHO9
      Awesome dude, glad for you, what job did you get? I'm still out of work and I'm ******* loving it, besides the fact I'm kind of getting bored.

      What turbo thread, my old one, god you should comment on that lol, no one has said shit on that in months.

      Hi life is my faverite tasting beer thanks to you turning me on to it, sure goes down easy.

      I've been drinking natural ice for ******* hours by now, but I ate, so I'm not to far gone...

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    Dec 20, 1988 (Age: 31)
    Olney, Md



    I drive a civic, don't take any of my advice...

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