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Oct 23, 2020
Jan 12, 2005
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Oct 23, 2020
    1. NickTheTrick
      Just noticed your picture on the post said Richmond, Virginia in graffiti. I'm from here. What's up!
      1. Rubix likes this.
      2. Rubix
        Yea man. I'm around. Usually floating down the river this time of year.
        Jul 16, 2016
    2. shonuffmine
      DUUUUUUDE freeking hilarious, I called Kevin sunday the 15th n asked him if he has talked to ya lately!!! LMAO .
      unfortuniatly this has been a real bad n ruff year for me as my GF of 18 yrs has had her cancer come out of remission, lost 2 best friends to age n bad health n lost Mom tues Dec. 3rd ,she was struck by a truck while crossing the street in front of her house ,so have a tough time right now.
      Go ahead n txt me your ph# or give me a call anytime dude miss hanging out up there n will make time soon as I will semi retire probally this summer , starting a supervision position this season at Siemens as a safety adviser . The plan is to work 4-6 months a yr doing that,and will have my shop up this spring to start building old iron rods n muscle cars again,maybe fab chassis again to.
      holla holla
    3. kevinspann
      I'm on ur SHOforums, stalking ur profile.
    4. thxone
      Hey, I have no clue how to accept the invite to this club lol. Can you help me out?
    5. kevinspann
      Trollin' your page.
    6. caseywan
      Nope, silver.
    7. shoaddict
      Yea, I talked to Frank the other day on how they changed the ALT on the 94 MTXs. He saved the day about a month ago when he let me get a crank bolt. I did a 60K on my 94 & the crank bolt refused to come off & I mean REFUSED like 17 times every way I could think of!!! TIGHTEST BOLT ON EARTH!!! Read through the forums & they were all in the same boat finally it came off!!!! Hole saw, THANK U SHO FORUMS.COM Yea Frank Knows that guy, he said It's a sweet sho. We will meet up some day. Look I think I'm going to sale my blue SHOs ? DON'T WANT TO But Must make some sacrifices to help fund my 2 projects. My STANG & SHO twins. BIG PLANS $$$$$$ Had a question about the sho trader forum & donations? Get back with me THANKS
    8. SHOBOYV1
      awesome SHO motor bro!
    9. ZooYoost
      Oh I got yah. Wasn't that a movie?

      Wasn't he "v"?
    10. Catz
      I was invited to this group and this is my first visit here. Looking forward to participating. I just bought my fully loaded white 2010 fully loaded to the gills, SHO with 20 inch wheels and would one day like to join ya'll for a get-together to show off our SHOs. Do you have any idea when or where there will be a meet-up now that the weather is starting to come around? I would love to come and talk shop.

      Thanks so much,

      Melissa from VB
    11. ZooYoost
      Whats your avatar from, reonize it but cn't place it
    12. trainguy1989
      Well I was driving the Plymouth switcher yesterday. It still needs some more work. The engine is starting to backfire under load. So no car switching right now :( This is the group I do passenger rides and motorcar trips with:

      These are my motorcar/speeder trips:
    13. shomtx95
      thanx for the invite, i wish i could make it. please invite me to the next get together, maybe i can make it to the next one.
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