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    Pulled codes, possible fuel pump failure?

    No difference in performance when light was on. I didn’t think to clear the codes. I will try that, check for fuel pressure and report. Thank you guys!
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    Pulled codes, possible fuel pump failure?

    Hey guys. I have a 1994 ATX with 52k miles. I drove to San Diego from AZ last week and my CEL popped on for about five minutes just as I was getting into San Diego. It then turned off for the remainder of the trip and the car ran perfect back to AZ averaging 26mpg. I decided to pull the codes...
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    12K Red 95 ATX

    Not that big of a deal but I just noticed a minor difference between 94 and 95 cars. The lumbar/bolster is a sticker on my 94 and it is stamped into the plastic on a 95!
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    12K Red 95 ATX

    This was the same one that sold at the RM Sotheby’s auction in September. I think it sold for $12.5k. It’ll be interesting to see what it brings on BaT!
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    I don’t know what to think! That bumper though! Haha!!!!
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    92 Royal Blue MTX

    I’ve always wondered if any of the 92s had the 93-95 exhaust tips from the factory or were they always added? Maybe one of you can shed some light! And weren’t the 94-95 tips shaped slightly different than the 93’s?
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    How often to drain/fill, flush coolant?

    Hi guys! Probably a silly question but I know you guys don’t judge! My 1994 ATX has 48k miles and the original owner had religiously drained and filled the coolant every 5k miles from new until he sold the car with 33k miles to the gentleman from whom I bought it from. The car had been stored...
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    Driver seat trim piece.

    Hey guys! Has anyone ever installed one of these replacement seat trim pieces? Just wondering about quality and fit if anyone has!
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    1989 Titanium 40k-miles

    Found another 89 in Florida! These things are popping up everywhere!
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    96 SHO - 3K miles

    Looks like the bidding has a ways to go to meet the reserve! Beautiful car!
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    1995 12k-mile Red ATX

    Found this. I can’t believe how bad the drivers seat and steering wheel look for 12k miles! Rem
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    WTB Front license plate holder for a 1994

    I am in Arizona. How much would you ask for it? I’ve never purchased a part like this before! Thank you for your patience. Should I just send you my phone number if that’s easier?
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    WTB Front license plate holder for a 1994

    Hi guys! I know this may be a long shot but does anyone have any leads on where I might find a front license plate bracket/holder to buy for my 1994 ATX. It’s green but the color does not matter of course. Thanks! Remington
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    1992 32k miles $5000

    I couldn’t figure out how to paste link. Go to Facebook group listed to see more.
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    Cross Country First Gen Adventure!

    That was awesome!! Thank you for sharing!! I’ve had my 1994 here in Arizona for only three months and have yet to see any Gen 1, 2 or 3s on the road!