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Feb 9, 2020
Apr 21, 2004
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Jul 5, 1958 (Age: 62)
Plat0ribs House of SHO,il

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Live to Drive, 62, from Plat0ribs House of SHO,il

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Feb 9, 2020
    1. platoribs
      Have you posted on either TCCoA or SCCoA. Lots of very smart helpfull folks on both, but TCCoA may reply a little more receptively, just saying the SCCoA guys are a little impatient with non-searching new members...

      I'll be happt to help as much as I can but I do not know a lot about the ARC system since I haven't had to fix it yet.
    2. platoribs
      You mean the Tokoco IlluminaII shocks? Those are the ARC units. I assume you hooked up the sensors like it was OE? The OE units were originally supplied by Tokico. Did they work b/4?
    3. Brent
      Mr Ribs...

      We too have a TBird SC. Do you know anything about the ARC system? We just replaced our shocks and srpings and all rear bushings but the ARC no longer seems to work? We put in the Tokico ARC shocks.

    4. platoribs
      Thanks Mike... appreciate it!
    5. bpd1151
      Stopped by your page to "friend" you today. To answer your question about being able to perform the LED swap in your Gen2...... I see no reason why you wouldn't be able to. I'll PM you the site where I usually order from. Actually, I'll PM 2 sites I've used. Both are very good. -------Mike
    6. marvsho17
      Thanks man, hopefully I'll start making it to some shocago meets again when my clutch is replaced.
    7. tommyturbo
      No worries, I wasn't ever offended. I'm sure yours probably is nicer.
      Mine has 110K, and although the motor and trans is in great shape, the suspension is really too loose for my taste, my 89 is really tight in comparison. This one with new kyb's and everything else factory is just not feeling right....floaty in the front, rebounds hard in the back, almost too hard. The steering is very rubbery too. I've got to work on all that still. Will probably end up with eibacks and konis. I have those in my 88 daytona shelby z and love them!

      The body needs paint, but is solid despite the minor surface corrosion from florida underneath. My interior is a mixed bag. The leather is toast, but the carpet and most of the plastic is good. I got the car cheap, and considering the engine and trans being in great shape I can work on the cosmetics. Plus it's a last year, fully optioned mtx.

      Who did the leather for your steering wheel? I've got a upholstry guy working on my seats though.
    8. 1995SHO9
      Three SHO's, Pair of SC's... full house!

      that statement lead me to believe that you have 2 supercharged sho's...
    9. platoribs
      Not exactly, I actually have none! Although I will soon be sporting about in a brand new remanufactured 91 Tbird SC. So I got that going for me.

      Where did you hear such a thing?
    10. 1995SHO9
      Do you really have 2 supercharged SHO's?
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    Jul 5, 1958 (Age: 62)
    Plat0ribs House of SHO,il
    SHO's, SC's & Shadow's


    95 MTX, 92K miles, Quaife, Gen3 subframe, Ingalls rear arms, H-brace, subframe connectors, 24/26 bars, new bushings and bearings throughout, cut Eibach/monroe/front/back, 11.6" brakes x4, equal length y-pipe, SHOsource catback, Cobra take off mufflers, rolling on Tbird SC wheels wrapped with BFGoodrich KDW 225/50-16.

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