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    The heart of The Other Woman

    Tim Yes stock engine but of course with the Cobra injectors high flow fuel pump, nitrous nozzles... You know, that kind of "stock". I'll be selling the buggy also but most buyer nowadays want LS power. My son might take her over and if he does will probably go with a 6.2 coyote motor. Tom
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    The heart of The Other Woman

    Yes, it is time to move on for me. I am selling the complete fully polished ( of course) 10,000 mile engine from The Other Woman. The engine came from Eric's # 97 Bondurant car and has 10,000 miles on it. I have the gauge cluster from the car to prove the mileage. It is turbo'd and in the...
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    For Sale: New, In Crate, 1989 SHO 3.0 V6 – Complete with Accessories

    Yeah me too Jason. And I don’t need one at all.
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    91 SHO Battery drain- Bad Coolant Temp Sensor?

    More like the coolant level sensor in the overflow tank. Tom
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    What do you all wanna see??

    Ooooo! A street legal dune buggy would be fun. But seriously, if you want to build something different AND super quick, use an automatic SHO drive train in the back of a running automatic SHO. Twin engines and being auto matics the engines wont have to be synchronized. They'll act...
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    ISO obsolete MTX bearings

    If you're referring to me, you'd be wrong. Hadn't the faintest idea. Tom
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    ISO obsolete MTX bearings

    Where do these bearing go on the engine?
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    WTB 3.0 PCM

    I found a couple of B9B's that should work. Thanks.
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    WTB 3.0 PCM

    Lucky for you it's going into another SHO buggy, smarty pants. I used to have a pretty good supply of these but over the years the herd has been thinned down to one old Cauliflornia LOS unit. Tom
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    WTB 3.0 PCM

    Not the California car version though. Thanks Tom
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    Looking for a couple of 3.0 PCM's

    The non California model. I'm helping another SHO buggy guy that bought a botched up wiring mess and no PCM. Anybody local got one or two they want to get rid of? Thanks. Tom
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    A Blast from the Past

    My 3.2 SHO powered buggy with a turbo running 7 PSI against a 90 SHO with a Ford truck turbo. Tom
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    Free to a good home, two DIS modules from a '94

    Hahaha, Tim. You funny guy. No ride for you!
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    Free to a good home, two DIS modules from a '94

    Do you still have the DIS modules? Tom