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Oct 25, 2020
Jan 16, 2002
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Off Road SHO

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Oct 25, 2020
    1. SaltyDog
      Im using my dada account, as the forum won't let me reset my password.
      Anyways, im looking to rwd swap my 3.0, and I need a bellhousing. I dont know the exact trans, but I think its a tk5? Anyways, im in desperate need, please give me a shout!
      1. cali+Mocasho+
        I believe you could pull one out of a 93 areo star.
        Nov 1, 2015
      2. SaltyDog
        ive been told that those dont work, but then again, ive read a lot of conflicting things across 6-7 different ford forums. no one ever seems to list the exact transmission i need to be looking for. lots of missing info, and im extremely late to the SHO game. too many dead threads out there.
        Nov 1, 2015
      3. Off Road SHO
        Off Road SHO
        Nov 2, 2015
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    2. yearofthechoices
      Hi. I posted in the sho trader section a few weeks ago and its still waiting a moderators approval
      1. yearofthechoices
        Do you have any idea why?
        Aug 30, 2015
    3. Shotyme91
      I'd like to post, "How much is a 91 SHO Plus worth in South Carolina? Contact number is 803-316-7906
      hey havent been around too much lately, but just wondering, cause i cant remember, where in Az. do you live?? there is a truck out there i'm interested in and need someone to put eyes on it for me....... thanks
    5. REDSOX
      Good morning! Do you have any of the Phenolic intake spacers still available? If so what sizes remain. Thank you.
    6. cptrains
      Can you tell me why my SHO for sale has not been posted. Am I doing something wrong?
    7. StormMountain
      1995 SHO, 168,500 miles

    8. StormMountain
      Off Road,

      Can you please review and post my add to sell my SHO? She has been a great car and I would like an enthusiast to keep her going.

      Forest Green Taurus SHO - well cared for; new components (A/C compressor, starter, ignition switch, cam sensor, battery); newer alternator. No rust. Driver seat leather torn; passenger nose damage (see photos); very small oil seep. Runs good.

      High performance brake rotors
      Power windows and locks
      Power driver seat
      Dual Airbags
      Alloy wheels
      Sun roof

      Engine V6, 3.2 Liter
      Horsepower 220 @ 6000 RPM
      Torque 215 @ 4800 RPM
      Gas Mileage City 16/Hwy 24
      Bore x Stroke 3.62 x 3.15
      Compression Ratio 9.8
      Fuel Type Gas
      Fuel Induction Electronic Fuel Induction
      Valve Train Dual Overhead Cam
      Valves Per Cylinder 4
      Total Number Valves 24
      Transmission Automatic
      Drivetrain FWD

    9. LethalSHO
      You deleted my gauging interest thread because I was asking people what they would pay for a SHO in that condition and/or what I should sell it for??? I wasn't selling it there in the open forum, I was asking a question. What is the problem?
    10. casperSHO
      will a gen 2 motor mate to a 2000 se transaxle
    11. platoribs
      Thanks for the weeding Tom, keeping SHOForum clean for those of who have glimpsed maturity just over the horizon... 8^{)
      i cant stop watching your buggy video. just brings tears of joy to my heart
    13. ameflyer
      hey i really liked your sho buggy video! im interested in how you mounted your supercharger? looking to do a project and was getting all the information i can.
      thanks off road
    14. BroOklyn
      Hey man I had a post on here where I was selling some stuff and now I can't find the post. I have been going through some issues and haven't been able to log into the website in a while and was wondering if you can pull it up for me. Thanks jim
    15. Fastlaneturbo
      Can you help me figure out what happened to my post? Thank you...
    16. StreetlightSHO
      Dang. I want to see that beast in person.
    17. Off Road SHO
      Off Road SHO
      No, it wasn't me. Can't afford to take her out to the Dunes with the economy being so slow.

    18. StreetlightSHO
      Hey there! I was driving my SHO on the 101 today and I saw a pickup towing a red sand rail with a chromed out engine. I was hoping it was you but it didn't look like a SHO motor..... It wasn't you was it?
    19. maverick218
      Hey Tom,
      Its bob do you have an alternator for sale up there. Give me a call if you do
      thx bob
    20. shoaddict
      "THE OTHER WOMAN" That's just unreal for me. I was just thinking "day dreaming" few months ago on buying my friends dads full size buggy & putting the 3.0 out of my parts SHO on it. I see that you had that "day dream" to. That's One OUTSTANDING BUGGY!!!!! Not because It's got one of my favorite engines on earth that's fully polished on it. That's one "STRONG" woman!!!! -OFF ROAD SHO- That's just AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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