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    New 3.3 build completed - need advice

    I recently completed a new build, a 3.2 bored for 10.6 high compression pistons. Other than the pistons and a SHOSource underdrive pulley the motor is basically stock (3.0 cams, stock ECU, stock MAF, etc). I do have an adjustable fuel pressure gauge because I'm running a 255lph fuel pump (not...
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    Recommendation on adjustable fuel pressure regulator

    Building a 3.2 motor bored out to 3.3 with high compression pistons, SHONut cams, larger valves, ported intake, and a few other things but naturally aspirated. I run a fuel cell in the car and am now using a surge tank with a Walbro GSS342 255lph fuel pump. I understand this will overwhelm...
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    Installing Oil Pump

    Hi Nick, I did see you post on this somewhere on here. I definitely want to cover it up because it gets grimy down there.. I haven't gotten that far yet, still working cleaning off dirty and rust off of everything. What's the copper pipe for?
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    Installing Oil Pump

    Thank you for the crazy fast response! Once I can get the stuck on old gasket off the old oil pump I’ll be off and running.
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    Installing Oil Pump

    I'm rebuilding a 3.2 to go into an MTX car. Using mainly the 3.0 accessories but using 3.2 oil pump (based on what I've read on the forum and comparing the 3.0 and 3.2 pumps, the gerotor is definitely bigger on the 3.2 (didn't know what a gerotor was prior to this). I understand there will be...
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    Power steering pump

    I just replaced a pump on a Gen 1... I thought it was faulty but turned out that it wasn't. That said, I can't see any where the pump itself would leak. If you are see PS steering fluid in that area I would think it was the large fitting feeding fluid from the reservoir, that fitting is a real...
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    Does anyone recognize this part?

    You guys were VERY close (no it wasn't a test). It was a pressure relief value but for the power steering pump. So yes, bathed in oil and yes, a pump. Well done! So of course everything was buttoned back up and no power steering. Took me taking the pump out and taking one off another SHO to...
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    Does anyone recognize this part?

    Thanks for the replies. I will check the idle actuator but it's idling OK (just got the engine put back in) and someone else I asked that knows SHO's pretty well said he didn't recognize it and made a good point... the part is spotless and looks brand new. I'm now concerned it's off of one...
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    Does anyone recognize this part?

    I put my engine on a stand (rebuilding the tran and replacing rod bearings). When I turned the engine over on the stand (physically flipped it to have access to the oil pan, not trying to start it), this part fell out. I don't know if it fell out from where it was installed or if it was...

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