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    HPFP not Priming the System

    The low pressure fuel pump mounted on the fuel tank is the one that primes the system, not the HPFP. I have two LED's installed monitoring it (read here ) and they light up every time I unlock or open the doors. I believe the sensor you are looking for is what I labelled as #3. Your issue could...
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    So what did you do to your SHO today!?

    ACC? Adaptive Cruise Control? Mine doesn't have that, just the rain sensing wipers.
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    So what did you do to your SHO today!?

    It started after I opened the window (0C-32F outside). I'm taking bets on which direction is going to take... if it splits, we'll have a race !
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    So what did you do to your SHO today!?

    Added a crack to decorate my windshield. Love seeing grow as I drive...
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    Welcome. Tons, tons of threads about this.
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    Any using AKD’s coupler and clutches?

    Screwups 2 - Success 0 and this is before even short and long term testing...
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    So what did you do to your SHO today!?

    Just took my car to the car wash and on my way home the air coming through the HVAC started making a weird noise. I started playing with the vent modes and could not feel any air coming out of the vents. Came home, pulled the fuse to reset the system, waited 10 minutes and nothing... same noise...
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    So what did you do to your SHO today!?

    Didn't know they were different... pics?
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    Not my first Ford, it's my first SHO

    Welcome to the forum !
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    hello to all

    Welcome to the forum !
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    2010 fuel leak

    Yeah, I learnt about it while troubleshooting an electrical issue I'm still chasing. All AWD's have it due to the tank being split in the middle (saddle tank) to make room for the drive shaft. Almost bought a new one of those.
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    2016 SHO engine shuts off while driving

    My guess is that you have a loose connection somewhere. Challenge will be finding which connector is it.
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    2010 fuel leak

    I see you found some money in the process... :D
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    Cushion overtemp detected

    A friend of mine who owned a 2010 Taurus SEL had the seat overheat and shorted to the point it burnt a hole all the way though his pants. Have a scape plan prepared, just in case... and butt-monitor the temperature closely.
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    2010 fuel leak

    There are two covers under the rear seat, one for the pump (passenger side) and one for the sender (drivers side). As said, check for leaks on those gaskets. I recently saw an SHO fuel tank in a scrap yard, it has like 3 hard plastic like hoses running on top with quick connectors on multiple...