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    2003 with Gen 3 V8 conversion.

    Gen 3 swap performed by FPS in GA, with documentation. Cams welded.
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    Mislabeled 91 plus in Eastern WA

    Listed as a 1992. Claimed 56k miles, but driver's seat wear would indicate more. I'm a little out of touch on prices, but doesn't seem like a bad deal.
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    Flash from the past

    Great videos. :thumb:
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    Post number not going up

    If I remember correctly, post count is only for certain forum areas. Off topic stuff does not count.
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    3rd gen wheels on a 1st gen? anyone have pics?

    Kerry Tuck's old 89 Guy Newton has (had?) some on his titanium Gen 1 as well, but I could not find pics.
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    Top Ten Quickest

    Updated. PM me with anyone else, or post here. I have not reviewed any other threads, so if its not in here I have not seen it.
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    does some place make a head stud kit for the shos

    ARP offers head and main studs. Coincidentally, I think they are listed as fitting the Thunderbird.
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    Top Ten Quickest

    Updated. Please review and notify me of any required corrections via PM. I took the liberty of adding somedude 001's turbo'd ATX to the list, though it is not posted in this thread. If there are any other known times that have been posted in other threads, please let me know and if...
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    Top Ten Quickest

    Tis true, I do not come around much these days. Truth be told, I have not been online at all for some time. Too busy. I would like to give full permission to the mods of this section to edit my post to update the list as they see fit.
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    Post pics of your SHO

    Can't speak for Mr. Reber (who no longer owns an SHO as far as I know), but my tailights are stock. Crummy overcast Washington State weather and a crummy digital camera make them appear darker than they really are. For all those drooling over his SHO, to make it worse he had one off HID...
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    Post pics of your SHO

    Here is an oldie I have not posted in a while. My 89 with Chris Reber's 91. Color is Ford's "Chrome Yellow".
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    Hiding the SHO lettering in body panels?

    The problem lies with the bumper itself. They are flexible urethane, and most body filler will crack and break off. Mike Kopstain had the "SHO" lettering on the SHO model bumper on his non-SHO filled in. My "new" bumper is most of the way there, but I am leaving the final touch to an...
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    How much power from a built TT Yamahammer?

    SHOtime3, with the least offense intended I would suggest trying the search function. You will find countless threads regarding forced induction bench racing. If it is of any assistance, OffRoadSHO has posted links to some sandcar builders that claim 580hp or so from a TT SHO V-6 in their...
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    N/a Dyno 318 H/p 279 Ft/torque

    159.178 mph on Thursday, very nice!
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    Lightweight racing battery

    I have had any Odyssey PC680 in my SHO for a couple years now. It works great for my needs, but I have no electrical accessories and the car is used very infrequently.

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