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    Initial thoughts...

    ah ok.
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    Initial thoughts...

    what happened to the tuner?
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    Just picked up my 16 Sho last night

    This is the one I used.
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    As far as I know there are still two different versions. If you get the PP version, you can also have the option to retrofit the PTU cooler system from the PP as well. PP Version...
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    WTB Bolt Cover for wiper arms

    $1.61 on Tasca
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    Just picked up my 16 Sho last night

    interesting, I may have to check this out. On MFT I was able to activate the equalizer presets which were cool, and kinda miss that here. I'm not normally one to listen to really loud music so wherever it's set right now is good for me, but I might have to look and see if there are new updates...
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    2018 SHO - Dirty Exhaust Tips

    Unfortunately that's the operation of the direct injected engine. No cleaning of the valves takes place during combustion so you end up getting a lot of trash and blowby through the system. Ethanol blended fuels help a little bit, but even still I just get into the habit of keeps a Mother's...
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    Word Censorship

    I also notice the other day that **** is also censored. b.l.o.w.
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    Sct livewire ts+

    Hey Taylor, sorry for the delay here, not sure why it didn't notify me of the post in the forum. I believe we have discussed this via email since then, but if you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. I monitor email and social media channels daily, so if you were trying...
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    Initial thoughts...

    Glad to hear you're loving it. Performance tuning actually fixes a lot of the pitfalls when done correctly, and anything to mitigate the IATs is always a plus.
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    I'm running Meth without being dependent.

    The concern isn't between the pump and the nozzle, but more between the reservoir and the pump. If the fluid backfills into the reservoir and replaces the line fluid with air, you'll **** all that air into the pump and it has a potential to cavitate the pump, rendering it useless until evacuated...
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    New Car, New Intro

    very nice, congrats on the purchase! Just posted in the other thread as well, hope it turns out well for you.
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    Blacking Out Chrome Trim Question

    3M 2080 from Fellers is the way to go and best pricing I found. Get the 2" strips for the doors with knifeless tape to get a good edge, and then get a few yards to do the trunk and grille. Take your time, watch a lot of YouTube videos, and you can do it yourself in a few hours with really good...
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    Post Accident Help - Replacing custom/performance items

    Wow man, sorry to hear. I had something similar happen to my 2011 Mustang when it was totalled. Unfortunately I did rear end the other party (they pulled out in front of me and hit the brakes in the rain so I slid into them, but Oklahoma says the impact is automatically the faulter) so it was...