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    Ford ******* me on the PTU

    IMO- if you can't afford a new PTU, you can't afford a SHO. A plain jane SEL would get you to work just fine and the PTU would never fail on you.
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    Caliper bolts backing out

    I've never seen anyone ever replace those bolts in 30 years of wrenching on cars. I always put my old box end wrench on the bolt, hold the wrench tightly on the bolt head with my left hand, and hammer the wrench with a 4 lb hammer until it's tight. I do the same to get them off. Just did...
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    New Brake Kit!!

    Do the ***** point the other way on the opposite side's rotor? They'd look stupid pulling out constantly.
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    Curb Rash Repair Question 2016 Non PP, 30K Mi

    The only way to get he machine marks back in the wheel face is to re-machine them. Wheel repair shops have the software with the cutting patterns to do a whole wheel in one pass on a CNC machine. Clearcoat should be a 2K paint (with a hardener in it) or it will never last.
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    Brisk Multipoint spark plugs

    Control comes from whatever module is driving the RDU clutch circuit. You could certainly reverse engineer it and create your own circuit and controller to do whatever you want. I don't think it's is manipulatable in any other fashion though.
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    '15 SHO Rotor Upgrade

    Same, or Raybestos Pro. Whichever is cheaper for the rotors with the black coating on the hat and internal vanes. I'll use Wagner as well if I can't get those two.
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    Light up front, Heavy in the pants

    I was not talking about differentials, or venturis, or anything complicated. I'm simply talking about the most basic things in physics, a force. You posted that reducing a low pressure area on top of the car increases the downforce, but as Kevin81 first pointed out, but that is not that case...
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    Go fast & Stop fast

    Another recommendation for TCE. He is a stand up guy.
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    2013 Blower Motor Resistor replacement.

    That's why I tend to run my fan on full blast or leave it off whenever possible. No load on the expensive and hard to replace resistor pack that way.
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    Light up front, Heavy in the pants

    Technically- still no. Downforce is an actual force that can be measured acting in the downwards direction. By reducing forces in the upwards direction- you do not create forces in the downward direction, you simply have decreased the vector length of the upwards force. If you add the upward...
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    Fixing The Drone

    This "drone fix" is a Hemholz resonator. Here it is on a commercially sold system: Notice the capped off pipe. That is the resonator. The length of tha t capped off pipe needs to be tuned to the specific resonance or "drone" of...
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    That's ingenious. Did they vent the seals to prevent overheating as well?
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    I need Brakes

    It's even more crappy with hydroboost setups- when the ABS kicks in, it affects the steering since the brakes are boosted from the PS pump.
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    I need Brakes

    It's essentially the reverse of spinning your tires while accelerating. Max cornering grip/acceleration/braking all come right at the limit of breakaway/spinning/lockup respectively.
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    I need Brakes

    All pads are a trade off. Nobody has the secret sauce. Pads that bite great when cold don't do well when abused. Pads that take abuse don't bite well when cold. I'd run a quality, but low cost standard rotor and try out a few brands of pads to see what works for you. They aren't that...

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