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Feb 19, 2014
Mar 13, 2010
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EcoBrick Bob

SHO Member, from Clear Lake, IA Naples, Fl

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Feb 19, 2014
    1. IA 5HO
      IA 5HO
      Hi Bob,

      I just thought I'd introduce myself and say hi. I've seen you mention Clear Lake, IA. I grew up in the area about 10 miles north of CL. I'm about 80 miles away from there now in Humboldt just north of Ft. Dodge. I was surprised to see someone on here so close to back home.

    2. EcoBrick Bob
      EcoBrick Bob
      Hi Allen,

      Is the tune you are currently using from Torrie @ Unleashed Tuning, or is this someone elses? (Unlimited Tuning???)

      Assuming you are using a SCT 3000 Custom Tune Tuner, when you purchase Livernois tunes, you get all that they currently provide. (4 different versions).

      I have not tested Livernois tunes at a 1/4 mi strip. Made a couple passes with their stage 4 tune at a 1/8 mi strip. Wasn't a fair comparison.. With all of these tunes, I feel it is important to run 93 octane.

      I ran Torrie's Boosted tune for many months. I turned a 13.521 & 13.446 with this tune. Have also run Livernois stage 4 tune without issues for about a thousand miles in daily driving.

      Too hot to go to strip down here until Nov., at least for any serious runs.

      Rob Moser
    3. Big Dog
      Big Dog
      Hey Bob,
      I have Unlimited Tuning Stage 3 tune in my SHO right now and I'm thinking of going with a Livernois Tune. Have you seen a big difference in performance and which Livernois Tune would you recommend for everyday use? I'm thinking of just trying the stage 2 at this point.
      Thanks and great work on your Brick. Very impressive!
    4. Fishrising
      Graham's response:

      "WM should be able to get that squared away for him. We can only ban people and moderate the forums."
    5. Fishrising
      And my local speed shop will sell me the Flowmaster cat back system, installed and out the door for $750. May jump on it as I don't have a lift.
    6. Fishrising
      I sent Graham a message for you.
    7. EcoBrick Bob
    8. roland
      I've been in Webster City (on US20 about halfway between Fort Dodge and I35) for the summer but I'm moving back to St. Louis this fall to continue school. If you head over to Cedar Falls for the track let me know, my roommate up here has a 94 Dodge Stealth R/T Turbo. He went to Cedar Falls last year but the track was flooded so they were only doing 1/8th mile. He's been wanting to go back and find out what he runs in the 1/4. His previous 3000GT VR-4 ran a 13.2 @ 104 and he thinks the Stealth should be able to beat that.
    9. EcoBrick Bob
      EcoBrick Bob
      Lake is great... but it isn't very "Clear". Parents bought our place 56 years ago which is quite typical. Have lots of friends who we grew up with, and are now retiring with.
      Great location at the crossroads of Avenue of Saints and I-35 & halfway between MPLS & DSM. Town has multi- activities every weekend much of the year. Not here in winter when it's bitterly cold. Great boating & Sailing lake... never very crowded. Fishing can be either poor or terrific. Re-sale prices haven't take much of a hit.
    10. roland
      Clear Lake? My dad wants to retire there, he loves it. I've never been there but I go to Twin Lakes and Storm Lake alot (haven't been impressed with Storm Lake at all though), I hear that Clear Lake is quite a bit nicer than either of those though.
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    2010 Red Candy/White EB Flex - WORLD'S FIRST 12 SECOND FLEX 12.901@106.85 MPH TORRIE TUNED
    2009 Spt Red G8 GT - Headers, Cam, Wide-band TORRIE TUNED 12.078 ET @ 114.02 mph
    2008 White G8 GT - Tune, Headers, CAI - 8.32ET 1/8 mi@85.66 MPH
    2004 GTO - 12K Y 6 spd Sold to son - also has 04' R GTO - 55K
    Son#2 - 09' G8 GT & 05' Tuned Subaru Frstr Turbo
    93 SHO - Red Auto, 91 SHO - Black, 90 SHO - White, 89 SHO - Black - ALL sold

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