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      E1 replied to the thread Welcome Back !.
      Years back, I put a handbrake into SHO R T S. Buried somewhere on V8SHO.com now. I do not recall the floor having any marked mounting...
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      E1 reacted to GEN 3 SHO FAN's post in the thread Welcome Back ! with Like Like.
      Yours is already on on the list ! :) I found it when Josh came with all the Rose mist VINs. It's the brother of RM #13 (a RHD too). 1)...
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      E1 reacted to luigisho's post in the thread piston ring swap with engine in car with Like Like.
      agree with above re: damaged piston. I would hold off on purchasing replacement parts (chain & tensioner) until you have visual...
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      E1 posted the thread Welcome Back ! in V8 Discussion.
      All who wander are not lost. SHO of hands please - 1) how many SHO's have been thru the Panama canal? 2) how many have been thru TWICE...
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