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    Help me try to get a performance part made for our platform...

    Any word on when they’ll be available??
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    543whp/576tq Dyno Video.

    That’s a ton of power with a stock shortblock. Good idea to cap that torque. Stock rods don’t like that much torque.
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    Race fuel/100 octane

    Just a heads up. I previously used Boostane in the past until it trashed my plugs causing a misfire code. Once I removed the plugs I saw why. They were all dark orange and had less than 500 miles on them. I then searched the web and noticed this is a common issue. I will say I did use Boostane...
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    Jordan's Rebuild Plan of action

    Sorry to see you go. Did u have another engine issue or was the transmission having problems.
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    Ortiz Performance - Customer Service?

    I recently placed a big order with them and couldn’t be happier with the communication regarding the order. Plus gave me an awesome discount. I will always purchase parts from him before I go somewhere else.
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    What’s the fastest FULL weight SHO?

    Hopefully soon we’ll have some transmission clutches available. Fingers crossed !!!
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    What’s the fastest FULL weight SHO?

    Well I'm hoping my combination will produce enough for the car to run 11. 10-11.20's at full weight. Hopefully I'm not that far off. Power level should be close to 600 - 625 whp and 600 plus pounds of torque. Thanks guys for all your input!!!
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    What’s the fastest FULL weight SHO?

    I would think with 700whp he would be capable to run 11.1’s considering Bpd ran 11.5 with a 525 whp tune. Unless I’m mistaken and Bpd ran the 11.5 on the 617 tune.
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    What’s the fastest FULL weight SHO?

    Any idea of his power level??
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    What’s the fastest FULL weight SHO?

    I’m curious if anyone knows of the fastest full weight SHO quarter mile time. Also what’s the highest whp for our platform to date. Thanks for looking...

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