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    2017 sho sad to see go

    My local dealer has like 6 used ones for sale which is kind of odd imo. I think the EV’s are pretty cool too. I wouldn’t mind leasing one maybe?
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    I'm running Meth without being dependent.

    The first couple violent wheel hops will startle ya lol.
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    I'm running Meth without being dependent.

    It’s borderline criminal how bad the AEM nozzle is.
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    NEW PB 08-10-21

    No kidding, good to know!
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    NEW PB 08-10-21

    From Friday. I might have to replace some lower control arm bushings. The AEM system appears to be jamming up again, I’ll probably check that out today. I wasn’t going to run the car this week but we have cold front moving in for a days this week. It might be up to 20 degrees cooler than...
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    PLEASE HELP KR readings no solutions

    Good stuff! I’m glad you found the issue! That’s the worst when when your chasing down KR like that.
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    So what did you do to your SHO today!?

    It’s the heat. Same thing happens to us in Texas.
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    Bluezones build

    Hopefully it works!
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    New full weight PB Kilkare 9-10-2020

    Nice run and PB! I bet the local muscle cars hate running against you lol. Well, you might have them conditioned to lose at this point.
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    Bolt-ons almost all done.. GH days turbos are maxed, few questions??

    Time get some 275 Nitto 555 R2’s on the front. Your in good hands with GHT. Matt’s pulling some great numbers on my car with the GH turbos!
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    802SHO Engine Build

    Man, your just getting curb stomped with patience this year.
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    NEW PB 08-10-21

    I hear that, the good weather came early this year in the southwest! I think we’ll be to do it without nitrous at this point but we’ll see.
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    NEW PB 08-10-21

    11.13 I loaded a new revision today, back to the track Friday!
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    543whp/576tq Dyno Video.

    Yah it sounds like they are busy. Tbh, the best way to tune these things is on the street pulling with data logs. I can help you with part if you have questions.
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    543whp/576tq Dyno Video.

    That car is moving on that 93 tune!

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