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    Here are a few
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    I'd start by checking grounds (specifically the PCM's ground and the DIS via the intake's ground wire) and codes. Do you know if it's...
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    All who wander are not lost. SHO of hands please - 1) how many SHO's have been thru the Panama canal? 2) how many have been thru TWICE...
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    It's possible to do, the results may not be the best compared to running a new head unit with sub output direct to new amp. The output...
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    Been a SHO enthusiast for many years. First SHO was a used '89 with 105,000 miles on it - now has about 190,000. Liked it so well I...
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    Sounds like something at the serpentine belt level. Welded cams should be good unless the welder did a poor job, do you have pics of the...
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    Well not all of it… it was swapped out on a buddy’s hoist. But yes the swap over from bad engine to good engine was done at my house...
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    BRAND NEW recently manufactured aftermarket CPS for a Gen1 or Gen2 Ford Taurus SHO with the Yamaha engine. It will fit the 3.0 manual or...

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