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Jan 8, 2015
May 1, 2001
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Jan 8, 2015
    1. ShelbyDoug
      I posted a SHO for sale ad on 5/4 or 5/5. I made a donation. I can't find the posting. Did I do something wrong?
    2. tonganprince
      Hi, I am unable to type in any forums. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks
    3. Form1le
      Getting error when trying to post in forum and sending you a pm, please help. Thanks
    4. morebhp
      Hi Bizzy, I recently posted an add on SHO Trader. I didn't realize until AFTHER I had posted that a donation was required/requested for new posts. I have since made the donation but I suspect perhaps the two events were too far apart and my post kind of fell through the cracks for approval. Let me know if I need to do anything else. --Thanks! Mark.
      1. jordanr
        Sent PM.
        Jul 11, 2016
    5. Spartn27
      Is there anyway to have the username changed to MDesign Performance? Thank you.
    6. N4ASHO
      Hello there,
      I'm a returning member from years back. Same email but now have a new generation SHO and would really like to update my screen name. Is there a way to reset or could you simply delete my account so I can make a new one with the same email? Thanks in advance!
      1. jordanr
        I think I took care of this...catching up on the messages to Bizzy
        Jul 11, 2016
    7. smith2008
      Need some guidance on how to replace the oil pressure sending unit 94 ford taurus sho 3.2. Any help ASAP would be GREATLTY
    8. Skip Owen
      Skip Owen
      Is it permissible to post my SHO for sale? Have been considering an update. Thx!
    9. RJ-92
      Hey stranger!! Hope you are well. Since I suck at directions abd can't read, I clicked send donation before I entered my user name for a classified submission. It was sent yesterday to blue from my hotmail addy. Let me know if you need anything.
    10. Form1le
      I'm so sorry to hear about Ernie. Thank you jordanr.
    11. 89blacksho
      Just a heads up, Ernie Groce Past away this past Monday. Grave side services will be held at 2 pm in Murray, UT on Friday September 25, 2015.
    12. Form1le
      Bizzy, I too did not realize my name would be seen as my screen name. Could you change my name to Form1le? Thanks, Mark
      1. jordanr
        Sep 26, 2015
    13. Raven SHO
      Raven SHO
      Bizzy, sorry about my auto speller there... And a question... I saw in one of the posts that there are solutions. To the differential pin problem, including reinforcement and something called a Quaife? Could you please point me to a good description of the pros and cons of each? thank you!
    14. Raven SHO
      Raven SHO
      Buzzy, just joined today, and didn't realize that "Name" would be my screen name. Can you please change my screen name to "Raven SHO". Thank you, Mike
      1. jordanr
        Updated to Raven SHO...Welcome
        Aug 19, 2015
    15. Shohobo
      I can't get a picture of my SHO to post to my avatar...any suggestions? Thx
    16. Shotyme91
      I'd like to post, "How much is a 91 SHO Plus worth in South Carolina? Contact number is 803-316-7906
    17. Revere sho
      Revere sho
      Hi Beth. I just wanted to message you to let you know I made a $5 donation to get my ad up.
    18. HYPOSHO
      is PayPal the one I need to donate to, to get me add up and runing? How much do you shougest?
    19. Gator4172
      Can you please delete my profile?
    20. n8rsk8r
      Hey Beth. Can you call me about the transmission I bought from you some years back? 913-980-3823. I need to get it so I can finally get my vehicle running. I want the newer trans, that was a 94 IIRC.
      1. n8rsk8r
        I would like to figure out a way to either get it handed down to me with people coming this way.. or figure out a weekend to make a dash up to you and get it.

        Please call me, I have actually tried to get ahold of you about it for a couple years now and haven't received any response from you.


        Mar 8, 2015
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