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    Airbag Code 51 on ‘95 ATX

    Sure looks like the thermal fuse: That's in the blue air bag diagnostic module bolted to the side of the car behind the glove box.
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    Inner tie rod ends

    For that reason, when I do a front alignment, I take the spring clip off the outer end of the boot, push the boot back and apply grease to the exposed area of the tie rod so that the boot can rotate around the rod which stops the boot from twisting.
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    Inner tie rod ends

    You could place a straight edge along the rear wheels and sight them with the front wheels. That will give you a rough idea of how far off the toe is. I suggest a professional alignment to get it right. There's also a possibility that you have bent a rear LCA or even the eye on the spindle for...
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    Rock Auto Discount code

    This whole thread is now redundant. Any time you want a Rock Auto discount code, simply get one from here:
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    NGK vs Motorcraft

    The AGSP32PP plug is 1/16" shorter than ALL other plugs, Including Ford's own replacement AGSP32FM. My go to plugs are Autolite Iridium XP3924 from Rock Auto. Its information page contains a chart showing the differences between the different types of plugs...
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    Inner tie rod ends

    I use the Mevotech outers MES2513RL from Rock Auto:,1992,taurus,3.0l+v6+dohc,1138733,steering,tie+rod+end,7428 If the inners are worn to the point of flopping about and with play, I replace the whole rack. If it's that old, won't be long before the end...
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    Is there a place to look for OEM cosmetic parts?

    Hard button EATC: Front rotor sizes: 89-93 10.2" 94-95 10.8" 96-99 11.6" Useful websites....Old SHOTimes FAQ: Partially replaced with...
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    95 sho mtx

    MTX, duh!.....Here is the charging system for a '94 MTX. '95 won't be different. Doesn't say what amps the fuse links are.
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    95 sho mtx

    Check the codes to see if you have a 214: CID circuit failure which would indicate a bad camshaft sensor. Also contains code meanings. Most of the codes don't cause the Check Engine light to come on: Can be done with a paper clip, but I...
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    Can find M-code CCRM

    O'Reilly states that that CCRM is for '92-95 only. ATX and MTX. Not compatible with an '89. No wonder it doesn't work. From the SHO Source web site: M code was used for 89-93 MTX J code was used for 93-95 ATX D code was used for 94-95 MTX So O'Reilly has it wrong, anyway. Might as well...
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    Oil leak

    The mechanic thinks that there's a timing chain in there which would be immersed in oil like the Gen 3s. So he thinks it's the cover itself that is leaking. Most likely the front crank seal from where the oil is dripping. No need to run the engine once the front is stripped down. You will see...
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    Can find M-code CCRM

    Couldn't find the part. What is the part number?
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    Braking issue

    Won't be a hub going out because of a bad wheel bearing. That wouldn't cause a drag. Damn censors...... Try this: drive the car at around 10 MPH, then put it in neutral so that it can coast to a stop. If it finally stops with a jerky (leave off the 'y'), your brakes are dragging. If not...
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    93 MTX 3.0 no spark cylinder 2 &6

    Aha, good to know. The DIS *WAS* the same for at least the 89-90 T Bird. But looks like it was changed somewhere between then and 94. E9DF is the factory part number. If you use the retail PN E9DZ-12A297-B, some more come up...

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