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Jul 15, 2020
Feb 3, 2006
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Its a Taurus..., from Jersey

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Jul 15, 2020
    1. mrecoolgar
      Please provide your Email so I may send pics of the strut bar. Thanks. Kevin.
    2. quake
      Whats up checking,To c if you still have the 60 bucks subframe kit.Call me need like asap.
    3. AREA 91
      AREA 91
      Pay Pal sent!
    4. AREA 91
      AREA 91
      I would like to have all the BBB's back.
    5. jon93
      They wouldn't be crappy if you bought a different color combo hahaha
    6. jon93
      your sig is looking crowded man.. it needs to be pruned and updated with your new ride!
    7. SHO GoDz 89
      SHO GoDz 89
      Cool dude. Well you should keep in touch man. I've got the same shit to deal with, but hey I also got a car to take care of lol. If you're ever around again, let me know.
    8. AREA 91
      AREA 91
      What's up with the BBB's???????????
    9. SHO GoDz 89
      SHO GoDz 89
      Yo Nick, you still alive? What's going on? I haven't been to this corner of the interwebz in like 9 months. We need to meet up sometime dude. I got my new toy now.
    10. 1993MTXSHO
      I don't have anymore hydrolic tensions, but what module do you mean, the ccrm?
    11. Jolson
      hey i think your my god send. just a feeling. i need a 93MTX 3.2 automatic belt tensioner and pulley if possiple. i believe the unit is hydrolic but could be wrong. also the smaller modual by the raditor
    12. Toolman
      Get in CHAT!!!
    13. jon93
      Quit your job. Start a fight. Prove you're alive. If you don't claim your humanity you will
      become a statistic. You have been warned...
    14. ckinney89sho
      im sorry i misunderstood you. i thought you could do it with the engine in. i know how to pull the engine/drivetrain. i was thinkn there was a special way to get the clutch out without moving a whole lot around. ok now that i know whats goin on here, which way is the easiest? thanx again
    15. ckinney89sho
      how do i go about doing it from the top? i need a little more detail please!
    16. ckinney89sho
      so i would have to pull the engine out to to get to the clutch? thats what im gettin out of this. i might be clueless tho. im very capable of doing this, i just dont want to take the sub frame out if i dont have to.
    17. ckinney89sho
      hey, i dont mean to intrude on your messages but i read that you can do the clutch from the top? if so would you be able to tell me how? just the basics will do. thax
    18. sperold
      Hey, it turns out we are old friends, I checked my history and you are the guy that supplied me with a set of slicers and some A/C lines, and a compressor. Everything worked out great on all that stuff and the A/C stuff worked fine (the compressor is a little leaky with some oil showing up on the back), but I think I can get away with having a refill every year or so. So thanks for all the good stuff in the past.
      If you get a set of MTX motor mounts in the future, let me know.
      Also a little advice. Is it just as easy to pull the motor to change a clutch and release bearing? Out the bottom looks like a lot of work to me. I have an old school mechanic that doesn't like laying under the car (or front wheel drives) so I thought that out the top would appeal to him, if it is not impossible.
    19. AREA 91
      AREA 91
      Shipped Date Ship To - Company or Name Service Shipment Tracking # Voided
      22 Sep 2009 PETER SHARP UPS Ground Service 1ZE179050393894417
      22 Sep 2009 PETER SHARP UPS Ground Service 1ZE179050394249005
    20. AREA 91
      AREA 91
      I haven't recieved any payment for the intake.
      That's why I didn't ship it.
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    1993 mtx 100k green/tan (up on blocks... again)
    1994 mtx 136k green/tan (now green/black, thanks to the atx) (3.2 swapped and now the new DD) SOLD
    1993 atx 169k green/black (was DD, now parted/junked)
    1994 atx 159k green/tan (parted/junked)
    1994 mtx 131k green/tan (parted/junked)

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