1993 MTX White with white wheels

My 2nd SHO

dannyd1993, May 14, 2019
    • dannyd1993
      I bought this one in 2004 for $2,100. It had only 90k miles. Bought it from a guy in Houston that couldn't get it to pass emissions. Not a problem for me, living in Florida. Rarely drove it for about 2 years till my black one died. Then eventually did a 3.2 swap, new rod bearings, ported and gasket matched heads, ported intake runners and tanks, big bore butterflies, silicone hoses, 80mm MAF, under-drive pulleys, high flow fuel pump and regulator, reinforced motor mounts, aluminum sub frame bushings, '95 brake upgrade, koni struts, SHO Shop springs, high flow cat y-pipe, Dynomax cat back, fancy clutch and flywheel, Tweecer RT, probably a few more things I can't remember, and eventually, a supercharger. Started with 15 psi. and quickly went down to 9 psi. 15 was just INSANE! Was still a beast with 9. Never dynoed it, but I'm guessing 400 hp at the flywheel. Also replaced most of the original tan interior with the black interior from my other car in it. Except the dash. I didn't want to go through all that trouble, so it ended up like you see it. I thought it looked good. Later sold it to my buddy who ended up selling the blower and necessary parts. Still sits in his front yard, though doesn't look quite as good now.
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