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  1. RonPorter
    RonPorter Shaggy

    I've got a pending post in the Parts Section, with the title:For Sale: New, In Crate, 1989 SHO 3.0 V6 – Complete with Accessories

    I've paid the PayPal. We're helping out FoMoCo folks here, with nothing in it for us (I'm the SHO Club President). Just hope that they keep us in mind, in case something else cool shows up.

    Ron Porter
    1. lifesave
      Is this still available?
      Oct 4, 2019
  2. Night Runner
  3. FiveLeeter918
    morning everyone!
  4. Sgtmeatsauce1
    Sgtmeatsauce1 SHOnOFF
    You still have a SHO? I am in Voorhees have 2013 SHO....
  5. FiveLeeter918
    How can I help today?
  6. BaySHO Performance
    BaySHO Performance boat
    Back in 2014 you wrote referring to the TRW 15780R non_VAPS steering rack: 'I have had one in my 94 for about 2 years and 10k miles, no issues thus far.'

    A '94 expects VAPS. I'm trying to ascertain whether a non-VAPS rack will work for a client. One gotcha I've found already is that the power steering pressure hose will also have to be non-VAPS. Any others?
  7. BaySHO Performance
    BaySHO Performance SHO Continental
    Matt, Eric Dominguez confirmed that you are the one in charge of SHOcal.

    SHOCal is not working properly. When I try to post a new topic or reply to one and hit submit, it ignores everything I’ve written, and comes up with an error message ‘too few characters’.

    Could you take a look to see what's going on?

    Many thanks

    Nick Chrimes
    Owner, BaySHO Performance
    San Jose, CA
    1. Ford wood
      Ford wood
      How do I get into shocal, are there any meets?
      Aug 26, 2019
  8. Christian
    Christian JRV1631
    Hey there...need your help ASAP. Like you, I am puting a 5x7 component system in my front doors. Did you install the crossovers from your set or use the existing built in crossover of the Sony system?
    1. JRV1631
      I used the ones that came with the set. May not have made a difference but at least I knew components had all been tested as a set.
      Apr 22, 2019
    2. Christian
      Thanks. I used the component set.
      Apr 22, 2019
  9. 76FoMoCo
    EPP catted down pipes, AJP 93 + meth 3 bar tune, best eta 12.51 at 111.52
  10. krednjen
    Fiberfab Avenger body. Home built chassis. 90 SHO powertrain.
  11. Mike Spataro
    Mike Spataro ALDRICH5288
    Hi Andrew. I need to replace a blower control module for GEN II SHO and hope you have one available. Thanks Mike
  12. Mike Spataro
    Mike Spataro SV&HOdan
    Hello Dan
    I hope you may be able to help locate a blower control module for a 93 SHO. Please advise if you have one available. Thanks, Mike
  13. Crazyeights
  14. ridered74
    ridered74 Livernois Motorsports
    I have a couple meth questions for you. What would ballpark price including installation be? What kind of timeframe would it take to be completed (full day, two days? etc), and how far in advance would it need to be scheduled? Car is a 2015 SHO, already have tstat, downpipes, CAI and corsa catback.
    1. Livernois Motorsports likes this.
    2. Livernois Motorsports
      Livernois Motorsports
      Time frame is roughly around 1.5 weeks, the process would be reaching out to one of us in the showroom, we will right you a quote if you like what you see we will take a deposite from you to get all the parts here and once the parts here you will be scheduled very shortly after depending on what time of year it is we can get you in the following week depending on current work load.
      Jan 17, 2019
    3. Livernois Motorsports
      Livernois Motorsports
      As for pricing shoot me a call at 313-561-5500 ext 104 my name is cody and i would be glad to assist you
      Jan 17, 2019
  15. mybigsho
  16. Reinovator
    I'm Free No more SHO's
  17. mybigsho
  18. mybigsho
  19. Sgtmeatsauce1
    Sgtmeatsauce1 STAN SCHWARTZ
    I tried unleashed, not happy with Torrie, I have a AJPTURBO tune now couldn't be happier. Drives stock like unless aggressive or in SUPER. BIG night n day difference over stock. I can't go back to stock now. Any questions I be happy to answer....
      Oh hell yeah! I've already decided that he's my tuner. And I can't wait to get his tune on my car!

      Do you have any other mods?
      Aug 1, 2018
      Okay...I saw your reply in tapatalk, but now looking at the web site, I don't see your reply. Where do I find it, in this interface? I want to study it more! :)
      Aug 2, 2018
    3. 2016 SHO
      2016 SHO
      I also ran into issues with Torrie at Unleashed, he is pompous, his tunes really suck I am now running LHS much smoother, and beat Unleashed drastically on Dyno with regards to Torque numbers.
      Feb 11, 2019
    FRDSHOGRL93X3 Mels
    Hey were you at a car show in a DeCiccios parking lot in NY about 4-5 Fridays back? I think its in Carmel NY but right over the CT line off 84. Hope all is well.
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